How to clean the shower head easily and quickly

Sooner or later, depending on the quality (hardness) of the water in the plumbing system, the watering can of the bathtub or shower stall may clog. Water through some holes begins to beat to the sides, and through others it stops flowing at all or only drips. Opening the cranes at full power does not help either. The inconvenience of taking a shower in such conditions is quite obvious.

The problem can be aggravated by the design feature of the shower head mount, which does not allow to disassemble and remove it for cleaning. Is it really necessary to spend a lot of money on the purchase of a new shower set, which, in addition to a watering can, also consists of a hose?

But do not rush and run to the store for a new purchase. There are many ways, below we will consider one of them, how to clean a shower head without removing it from the hose.

To do this, prepare a small amount of clean water, pour a little baking soda into a plastic bag with a fastener and fill it with prepared clean water.

Shake the contents of the package slightly and see a violent reaction of baking soda with water with the release of significant heat. We put the bag with its contents on the shower head and close the fastener as much as possible.

In order for the contents of the package to begin to interact with the deposits inside the shower head, we wrap the bag in several rubber rings and leave it alone for a while.

Then we remove the package with its contents from the shower head and clean the openings of the watering can from the outside with a hard toothbrush over the entire surface several times.

Next, we clean each hole with toothpicks, replacing them as necessary.

Now it remains for some time to turn on the water at full power, so that, breaking out of the holes under high pressure, it will carry out the small particles remaining in the shower head, suspension and suspension.

Having completed the internal cleaning of the shower head, you can make sure that water flows out of the watering can openings over the entire surface and with the same pressure. Then, as before cleaning, it did not flow out of all the holes, from the others it only dripped or beat to the side.


The use of baking soda to clean the shower head will only be beneficial if it is established that the deposits inside the shower head have an acid base.

If the impurities are predominantly alkaline in nature, that is, they are simply calcareous, then baking soda must be changed to an acid type cleaner, for example, table vinegar.