Decorating the family calendar

Interior highlight, creative idea, practical thing and a good gift. Wonder if I say it's all about the calendar? Yes Yes. Calendar of family birthdays and memorable dates. Does this still seem impossible to you? Not at all ...

Today we draw up not only an original calendar for the whole family, but also an independent art object.

The decor will take only a little time (a couple of hours) and the following materials:

- a blank of 3 mm plywood for the calendar (panels and tags);

- water-based varnish and paints;

- stencils or silicone stamps;

- permanent marker;

- primer for a wooden surface;

- hot glue;

- sisal twine;

- napkin motive;

- grinding whetstone.

We will work with such a blank - a panel and 36 tags.

We clean the surface of the calendar with a bar and primer. The primer will give a uniform white tint and give a better grip.

We estimate the location of the napkin motif for the decor.

Glue with diluted acrylic varnish to the surface and smooth the tone with ocher titanium white. If necessary, grind the irregularities with a bar and cover it with acrylic varnish in several layers.

Silicone stamp makes the impression with acrylic paint a shade of "Dark Gold".

The inscription is lightly tinted with gold paint and varnished.

Let's take care of the tags. We tint them with ocher, divorced with white.

Marker sign the months.

We tie the tags with sisal twine and make mounts for hanging on the wall.

Similarly filled and tags birthdays relatives.

It remains to hang in a prominent place and you will not forget about the memorable date.