How to clean a very dirty skillet without too much effort

On the Internet there are many different tips on this topic, some of them are quite effective, others cause a smile with their naivety. But all methods require prolonged cooking of dishes in a large capacity - the kitchen is filled with a very unpleasant odor that can spread throughout all rooms. We offer a very simple and “clean” method for cleaning the dirty surface of old pans.

What should be prepared

You need to have about 250 grams. baking soda, 30 gr. citric acid and 150 gr. silicate clerical glue. The number of ingredients can not be reduced, such actions have a negative impact on the final result.

Cleaning technology

Take a clean enameled pan with a volume of about 10 liters, add 2/3 of hot water and add baking soda. The mass of soda is about 180 g., You can use ordinary tea cups for measurement.

Add silicate glue to the water in small portions, while constantly stirring the liquid with a wooden spoon. It is necessary to mix until the ingredients are completely dissolved.

Dip the dirty pan into the container, give it such a position that the entire surface is covered with the prepared composition. If there is not enough liquid, add water; add more soda and glue if desired.

Put the container on the fire and bring to a boil. You can boil for five minutes, the more the better. The cooked product begins to work immediately after contact with the dirty surface of the pan, but it still takes effort to clean.

Remove the pan from the stove and add a package of citric acid weighing 30 grams, again mix the liquid thoroughly.

Leave the pan wet in the pan overnight. Make sure that children do not get to it, the prepared liquid can cause severe chemical burns to delicate baby skin.

Remove the pan from the container and remove the dirt with a metal brush, scraper or other rigid device, and tune in to repeat the process. The first time you can’t achieve the desired result.

Place the pan in a sink under running water and finish the cleaning process. Work with a wire brush, constantly add baking soda.


The fewer years they have pollution, the easier they are to clean. One piece of advice - wash your dishes regularly. And it is more pleasant to cook in it, and there is no need to clean it in various compositions, and acquaintances will see how good a hostess you are.