Bead bracelet workshop

A bead cord is a great addition to any outfit. It is knitting that allows you to make it even, and even uncalibrated beads will look great.

To make a tourniquet you will need:

Small hook; Crochet threads (I have "Iris"); Beads No. 10 (15-20 g.); A needle with a small eye to string beads; End caps (2 pcs.) Pins (2 pcs.) Round-nose pliers; Lock.

We start weaving:

1) Pour the beads into a convenient flat container (you can use a saucer). We thread the needle without breaking it from the ball.


2) We collect beads on a thread. The length of the thread with beads is 80-100 cm.

3) We make a loop, as in a set of loops, for crocheting.

4) We knit one loop.

5) Customize the bead and fix it with a new loop.

6) Similarly to the fifth point, we knit 4 more beads.

7) We close the set of loops with beads in a ring, for this we knit together the first and last loop.

8) We introduce the hook into the first loop, under the thread on which the bead is located (to the left of the bead).

Customize the new bead and knit. By this principle, we knit the entire tourniquet (in a circle). It should be borne in mind that the density of the knitting plays an important role, the tighter the loops are tightened, the more the beads fit smoother.

9) The length of the tourniquet must be determined taking into account the future castle. The last row fits in the same way as the previous ones, only without fitting the beads.

10) To complete the bracelet, bend the pin with pliers and lead through the center.

11) Put on the bead and lock.

12) Cut off the excess wire and bend into a ring. Using the same principle, we arrange the second end of the bracelet.