New Year's horseshoe

Toys made of felt are very beautiful. These toys can decorate the room for the New Year. A horseshoe hung on the front door brings good luck and prosperity.

To sew a horseshoe from felt we need:

• felt - for horseshoe and bows (two different colors);

• bindweed - 12-14 cm;

• synthetic winterizer (can be replaced with cotton wool).

Draw a compass circle with a diameter of 7 cm

Draw a second circle to the top line of the circle, which should be half as much as the first (the second circle will be equal to a diameter of 3.5 cm).

From the bottom line of the circle we measure up 10 cm - this will be the height of our horseshoe. We draw a horizontal line and measure 1.5 cm from the middle of the line, then another 1.5 cm from the measured points.

Next, you need to connect the contours of the circle with points that are measured from the middle of the horizontal top line to the sides.

Draw a horseshoe cut out along the contours. The result was a pattern.

We put the pattern on felt and attach it with tape in order to cut it out evenly (you can use pins instead of cleaving the pattern with matter). Cut out two details.

We also need three small pieces of felt for sewing bows and a small segment of bindweed. We cut the rectangles from felt 4 by 2 cm. We prepare a piece of bindweed, instead of it you can take another beautiful ribbon.

We make bows. In the middle of the rectangle we make a few stitches with a needle and pull together with a thread. Wrap a thread around the bow and tie a knot.

We connect together the two halves of the horseshoe and stitch them together along the perimeter, we do not sew the upper edges. We sew with a direct machine line, stitch length 2 mm.

Through not sewn-in edges we fill our horseshoe with a padding polyester. You can stuff with a thick knitting needle or other wooden stick.

We sew bows.

We insert the ribbon-bindweed into the non-sewn holes and sew them on the sewing machine making fasteners.

The horseshoe is ready. Such a souvenir will decorate any Christmas tree and will be suitable as a souvenir gift made by yourself for the holiday.