Potato pancakes with cheese

Potato pancakes are cooked in all modern families. If earlier, in the distant Soviet times, potato pancakes were traditionally prepared only from flour and potatoes, now the imagination of culinary experts has expanded significantly. Add a lot of additional ingredients to the potato mince, which allows you to play with a palette of taste. This recipe is very interesting in the composition of the ingredients. It turns out delicious, ruddy pancakes are just a jumble!

Required Products:

- 0.8 kg of large potatoes

- 2 garlic cloves

- a small piece of hard cheese

- 70 g of baking flour

- egg

- salt to taste.

Culinary steps:

1. The potato for this dish is best to choose a large one, because it is rubbed faster on the grater. Rinse and peel potato tubers.

2.Grate potatoes on a coarse grater. You can use an electric vegetable cutter with nozzles.

3. Cheese is also coarsely grated.

4. Break the egg.

5. Sprinkle a little salt. You need to navigate to your own taste.

6. Add flour. Stir the ingredients.

7. Finely grate the garlic or pass through a press. Add to mass. Stir everything again.

8. Fry the pan well before frying, spread the potato mince with a tablespoon. Fry cakes on both sides. Fire should be controlled. It is important that the products are not burnt.

9. Potato pancakes with cheese can be eaten.

Bon Appetit!