How to clean dishes from carbon deposits and grease in 10 minutes - do-it-yourself supercleaner

Every housewife knows how difficult it is to clean dishes from dried and burned fat, especially if she did not wash regularly and dirty stains a lot of time. Purchased funds are not always effective, but you can make an excellent mixture yourself.

What you need to have

A homemade product is made from baking soda, any dishwashing liquid with surfactants and hydrogen peroxide. It is necessary to work with rubber gloves, an ordinary kitchen sponge is used for washing. The composition is prepared in any convenient bowl.

Preparation process

Pour two full tablespoons of soda into a bowl.

Pour in the same two servings of hydrogen peroxide and a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid.

If you get a little more - it does not matter, it will not affect the quality of the product in any way.

Thoroughly mix all the ingredients, you should get a homogeneous mixture, the consistency of which resembles whipped cream. If it is too thick, then add hydrogen peroxide in small parts as needed.

Put on gloves, grab a little funds with the soft side of the sponge and smear the surface of the kettle. On very dirty areas, apply more. The quantity we have prepared is just enough to process one teapot of standard sizes.

Allow approximately 10 minutes to complete the softening process. After the expiration of the hard side of the sponge, begin to clean the surface. If the dirt is difficult to remove, leave it to soften for another five minutes. It is necessary to press the sponge with force, rub it with very care in very dirty places.

Some types of dishes have shallow horizontal or vertical stripes. The movements of the sponge should be along the recesses, the only way to remove dirt from them.

For convenience, the kettle is recommended to be put in the sink. After cleaning, rinse the dishes thoroughly in running water. Make sure that water does not get inside the kettle. If this happens, rinse the entire kettle.


Such a tool perfectly cleanses not only soot, but also any dried fat. It is recommended to use it during the general cleaning of a kitchen apron, oven, cooker hood and other items that get fat when cooking. The prepared mixture can be stored in a sealed container.

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