Simple biogas plant do it yourself

Free gas for cooking can be obtained from human and animal waste. To do this, you can assemble a simple biogas plant.

The principle of obtaining gas from waste is very simple: the waste is placed in a sealed tank, where they roam for a certain time emitting a mixture of methane with other gases, which burns well and is suitable for use in everyday life.

Will need

  • Sealed plastic tank with a lid of 50-100 liters.

  • 2 ball valves for gas.

  • Tee.

  • Silicone tube under the gas pipeline.

  • Crimp clamps.

  • Camera from a truck (or tractor).

  • Corner with a plastic pipe.

Biogas plant manufacturing

Barrel with a tight-fitting lid. Be sure to check its complete tightness.

We make a hole in the lid. We insert a fitting into it and seal the fit with two-component glue.

On the side, using the same technology, we glue a corner fitting with a pipe that goes almost to the bottom of the tank.

This pipe is needed to remove waste from the bottom, when refueling new ones. Glue the hose to the exit.

Under it you will need to put a plastic bucket.

We put a hose on the fitting in the cover and fix it with a crimp clamp.

We attach a ball valve to the other side of the tube to shut off the main feed.

A pipe is connected from the tap and goes to the tee. From the tee, one end is connected to the second carn, consumers will be connected to it.

And the other exit from the tee goes to the rubber chamber, which serves as a gas storage.

Initially, the camera must be completely deflated by releasing all excess air.

Refueling installation

For refueling, almost any plant waste is needed, in my case a couple of kilograms of cleaning from vegetables, fruits, and also rotten fruits.

We throw everything into the tank.

Further, to obtain methane fermentation with the release of methane, you need to add organic waste. In this case, 30-day-old cattle manure was used. The total volume of manure is about 10 liters.

To the tank volume 2/3 add water.

This is what a biogas plant looks like. Close the lid tightly.

After 7 days, the chamber was filled with natural gas.

Gas use

We are trying to ignite.

We connect the gas burner.

It burns perfectly.

You can cook food.

When burning, there is practically no smell.