4 useful ideas for a home master

Useful ideas and accessories for an amateur carpenter or a home craftsman. Without professional carpentry, it is completely unprofitable to buy a special tool for this. However, it is quite possible to work accurately and comfortably, if you use a couple of good ideas.

Adjustable wedge for a vice

In the absence of a vice, you can make a adjustable wedge. This will require:

  • bar 50x50 mm - 80 mm;

  • bolt M8x100;

  • nut M8;

  • washer.

At the end of the bar with the help of diagonals, the middle is marked.

A hole is drilled at the mark.

Next, the bar is sawn diagonally into 2 wedges.

The bar sawn into wedges is collected back, after which it is pulled together through a hole with a bolt.

Now, installing the workpiece on a workbench between two stops with the help of the resulting tool, you can clamp it. The bolt is screwed in, thereby tightening the wedges and tightening the part.

Magnetic miter box

To cut the workpiece at 90 degrees, you can make a magnetic miter box. To do this, you will need:

  • rail 20x50 mm;

  • 3 neodymium washer magnets;

  • PVA or wood glue;

  • 2 screws 30 mm.

The rail is sawn into 2 blanks of 15-20 cm each.

In one of them holes are made into which 3 magnets are pressed in, as in the photo.

The blanks are glued together in a corner at 90 degrees. For reliability, they can be further strengthened with a pair of self-tapping screws.

Now, after installing the corner on the board or rail, the hacksaw blade will be attracted to the magnets. When sawing, it will not dangle and warp as it deepens, which will increase accuracy compared to sawing along the line.

Storage organization of screws and other fasteners

This homemade product will conveniently store screws. To implement it, you need to prepare:

  • wire;

  • plastic bottles.

Just below the neck of the bottle, a window is cut through a little more than a matchbox.

A hole is made in the bottle cap and an ear bent from thick wire is inserted into it. The antennae of the eye on the back of the cork are bent.

Having fallen asleep through the neckline in the bottle, the screws can be hung on hooks under a shelf, countertop or simply on a wall.

Removing slots on the laminate locks without dismantling it

Usually a glass jack is used to remove the cracks in the locks of an already assembled laminate. But this can be done without buying this unnecessary tool in the household. It is enough to have:

  • smooth wooden block;

  • Double-sided tape.

With double-sided tape, the block is glued to the problem panel. It is important that the beam lies on the wide side for a larger contact area, and is directed end to the gap.

Hitting the end of the bar with a hammer, you can knock out the laminate, removing the gap. Next, the bar and tape are torn off, and the remaining glue is washed off without a trace with vegetable oil.