Homemade condensed milk in 20 minutes

Are you still buying condensed milk in stores? And you do not worry that its composition includes a lot of all kinds of harmful chemical additives? And the cost of industrial condensed milk has recently been quite high. And sometimes store products of this kind are impossible. Wouldn’t it be easier to try to organize the production of sweets so adored by all in your own kitchen? Then, you certainly will not have to doubt its quality. Moreover, it will not take much effort and time. And the cost of a cooked product will be much lower than the price that traders offer. Yes, and homemade condensed milk is prepared in literally 20 minutes.

The main ingredients of this treat are granulated sugar, whole milk and butter. But if you wish, you can supplement this composition with vanilla and / or milk powder. And if you add some more cocoa powder (a tablespoon or two), then you get chocolate condensed milk, which many also like.

Ingredients for 250 g of finished condensed milk:

• 250 ml. fresh whole milk with a fat content of at least 3% (or cream of any fat content);

• 25 g butter;

• granulated sugar or powder - 200 g.

Cooking time for homemade condensed milk - no more than 20 minutes.

Cooking method:

In a small container (only not in enamel) mix milk with sugar, put on a fire and, with constant stirring, wait until the sweet grains have completely dissolved. Then drop the butter and bring the milk mixture to a boil.

Use a whisk to mix evenly. Cook over medium heat (with a sufficiently strong boil) for 15 minutes, not forgetting to stir. You will get a pretty liquid milk mass. This is a normal occurrence. Pour the result into a glass jar and leave to cool completely, during which the condensed milk gradually thickens.

Now you can use your own condensed milk for any purpose: add coffee or tea to it, pour fruit or cottage cheese casseroles on it, prepare sweet pastries from it or just eat with spoons.

Bon Appetit!