We start the work with preparing materials for the first stage, namely, scissors, table napkins, a stapler should be at hand.

We take one napkin, or we can half it and fold it exactly in half to make such a rectangle.

We also fold it in half and we get a square.

We fix the stapler bracket exactly in the middle of the element.

This is how it looks after stapling.

Take the scissors.

and trim the edges of the workpiece so that it becomes round.

It turns out like this.

We make so many such blanks that roughly we have enough to craft the size we need, but you can adjust the size yourself. Next, we take the round workpiece in our hands, hold it in one hand so that from the lower part where the bracket is attached the pieces of the napkin are not torn off, we lift the upper very first layer of the napkin and fix it with our fingers like this and lift it up and fix layer by layer so that in the end we got the petals like a carnation and that’s what you should get.

The first stage is passed and go to the next second stage. We make balls from any unnecessary waste paper available at home, and roll out 3 balls, each other more (or less) in size and glue them with tape.

The third stage is the initial assembly of our blanks. You will need another glue gun (in my case, this is hot glue).

First, glue the balls with floral blanks from napkins.

and then glue the three blanks and the snowman’s body is ready. Little things remain, but they also need to be done. These are eyes, nose, mouth, hands, buttons, a bucket on the head and braid, for which the workpiece can be hung.

We make eyes out of black cardboard using a ruler.

nose made of orange colored paper, mouth made of red colored paper.

I painted the blank for the bucket in such a way that I advise you.

Then we cut it out and assemble by gluing the ends of the paper with glue.

You can decorate with tinsel.

Hands can be made of cotton swabs, sheathed with fabric and we make the final assembly using a glue gun.