How to quickly peel and chop garlic - chef's advice

Garlic as a spice is used in many dishes, it gives them a unique aroma and smell. It is used as a component of marinades for meat of various kinds, salads and even drinks.

But there is one problem - many do not like it when the remnants of chopped and cooked garlic are caught in food. Sometimes there are quite a lot of them - for maximum flavor you have to add a large amount of spice, especially if it is last year. Over time, the teeth dry out, the amount of aromatic essential oils decreases, it is difficult to extract them from the vegetable. There is an easy way to solve all these problems.

What should be prepared

For work, you need a large professional chef's knife, a small knife and a wooden stand.

Process of chopping garlic

Separate the cloves from the head. To do this, put it on a plank, roots away from you. With a sharp blow of the palm towards the roots, break the bulb of garlic and separate all the cloves.

With a small knife, make an incision around the perimeter of the end of the clove, put it on the board and hit the side surface of the knife blade.

Hard skin should crack, cloves easily fall out of it. If broken without a preliminary cut, a large amount of waste is formed, and garlic is poorly separated from the peel. This complicates the slicing process and reduces the efficiency of using spices.

Hold the clove with the fingers of your left hand, and cut it into thin strips with your right. Be careful, the knife blade should not reach the soft tissues of the fingers, but should rest against the index nail. In this form, garlic can be stewed or added to sunflower oil to obtain aromatic salad dressings.

For sauces, slicing is not appropriate. Put the clove on the board, cover it with the blade of a wide knife and crush it with a strong blow of the palm of your right hand. The shock hand should simultaneously move down and forward, crush the knife blade and grind the garlic. Repeat if necessary.

A crushed clove will release the essential oil, it smells very strong and sticky to the touch. To increase the effect, finely cut the crushed clove and smear it with a knife on the board. It should be cut with swinging movements of the knife, which eliminates the likelihood of injury to the hands.

After each pass, rub the garlic strongly, collect it together and cut it again with the swinging movements of the knife blade.

This should be repeated until a homogeneous, strongly smelling mass is obtained. Now it can be used for its intended purpose.


Thus prepared garlic can be added to mayonnaise, cold sauces, tomato paste, etc. It will not crunch under your teeth, only a specific flavor will remain from the garlic. It is this effect that the cook strives to achieve during cooking. One clove prepared by the above technology smells stronger than a whole head cut in the usual way.