Tree in love

I have been fond of quilling for a long time. She made paintings, panels, and voluminous compositions. Always used elements of the closed type. But on the eve of the holiday of all lovers, I decided to experiment and made a picture in an unusual technique. Paper stripes were twisted into hearts and glued to a tree. A work entitled "The Tree in Love" was released.

To make such a picture you will need the following components:

- a set of stripes for quilling (green, black, pink, red - the desired color);

- white thick cardboard (1 sheet);

- a small toothpick;

- scissors;

- some PVA glue.

First, I’ll talk about the manufacture of the basic elements of quilling called “heart”.

I cut a long strip into pieces 4.5 cm long.

Now take a short strip and fold it in half.

With a toothpick, twist the spiral into the fold line.

On the second hand, exactly the same!

It turns out an open element "heart".

So gradually we form each strip.

We need both pink blanks and red ones.

The more you form small hearts, the brighter your tree will be.

Then I started making wood. On a sheet of white cardboard traced a trunk with branches.

She applied PVA glue according to the graphic drawing and glued the black stripes with the front side.

Then it filled the inner space of the image.

Then I proceeded to collecting small elements and forming the crown of a tree. Near the branches glued multi-colored hearts in a chaotic order.

An ardent krone came out.

And I decided to make weed. She folded the green stripes with an accordion.

And glued near the roots of the tree.

Here is such a job. Left for the night to dry the glue.

And this is a ready-made three-dimensional panel called “The Tree in Love”.

It remains only on the reverse side to write warm wishes and you can give your husband on St. Valentine