Long vamp earrings

Each girl should feel unique and attractive. To do this, she must take care of herself, improve herself and use attention-grabbing details in her image. Earrings are one of those accessories that are used both in everyday wear and in special cases. This detail of your image will help to make it complete and appropriate to the chosen style. I suggest making earrings to create a strict bright vamp look. Earrings of this design attract attention and lengthen the neck. They are not flashy, slightly gothic, and will suit you, even if you usually wear classic design earrings. You can change your image without changing yourself. Make yourself or your girlfriend a nice gift, decorate the image with spectacular long vamp earrings.

We will need:

  • pliers

  • side cutters, also called wire cutters,

  • ruler

  • black chain at least 1 meter long,

  • silver earrings with a hole,

  • two connecting rings

  • two pins, and in another pin, with a loop at the end,

  • two silver hats

  • four black beads in the form of a disk,

  • Manufacturing technique.

1. Take a black chain, a ruler and wire cutters.

The selected black color matches the image of the vamp, but it can be replaced with any other more suitable for your outfit. However, then the style of the earrings may already be different.

We measure equal segments of the chain 5 cm long and bite them off with nippers. There should be 18 pieces, 9 for each earring.

2. We take segments of chains, pliers and connecting rings. Using round-nose pliers, we open the connecting ring, taking its ends apart from each other to the side.

Repeat the procedure with another ring.

3. We put on the connecting rings segments of chains, 9 pieces for each ring.

4. We put a loop of a pin on a connecting ring.

Using round-nose pliers or hands, close the ring.

5. Take a hat and put it on the pin.

6. Put on the pin two black beads in the form of disks.

7. If necessary, cut the pin with wire cutters to the desired length. If the pin is small in size, leave its length unchanged. Using the pliers, we create an unclosed loop in the form of a hook at the end of the pin. We select a schwenz with a hole.

8. Thread the pin hook into the hole of the earpiece. Close the hook with pliers and get the finished earrings.

So, the earrings are ready, making them was not difficult and fast enough. Now you can try them on and keep them. And be sure that no one will come to the holiday or to work in exactly the same earrings as you. Or give them away, knowing that no one can give exactly the same gift.