How to put a ladder in a bottle

Many of us admire the various crafts in glass bottles - the size of objects is much larger than the diameter of the neck, which causes a lack of understanding of how they ended up there. Such an elementary craft can be done with your own hands, and you won’t need to do miracles for this. It requires only patience, elementary skills in the performance of carpentry and the desire to surprise relatives and friends. We will tell you how to place a wooden staircase in a bottle, the width of which is equal to the width of the bottle and cannot pass through the neck.

Tools and fixtures

For the vertical supports of the ladder, it is required to prepare square rails of 5 × 5 mm, the crossbars are made of round rods with a diameter of 2-3 mm. An important condition - for the crossbeams, you must take blanks from willow or birch, other tree species do not bend well. A bottle is also needed, preferably a square shape, in it the craft looks more impressive.

Of the tools you will need a miter box, a hacksaw for wood with small teeth, a grinding skin, a drilling machine, a vise and measuring tools. The bottle is soaked in a container of a suitable size, old plastic cards are used to remove the stickers.

Production technology

At the first stage, you need to prepare a bottle. Unscrew the cover, remove the remnants of excise duty labels.

Use a wire cutter to bite off the metal band around the neck, remove it with the plastic insert.

Dip the bottle in a container of water, hold for several minutes to soften the glue.

Pour the accumulated water, scrap the labels with the edge of a plastic card. You can use any hard and thin objects, not necessarily a card. But work should be careful, the glass should remain smooth. Remove glue residue with the hard side of the washcloth.

The container is ready, let it dry, but for now, start manufacturing a ladder. The length is about 2-3 cm shorter than the height of the bottle, the width is 3-4 mm smaller than its size. Cut the two sticks according to the indicated dimensions, install them in the miter box and saw off the excess with a saw with small teeth.

Place the blanks on the bottle and measure the length of the crossbars. As already mentioned, they are made from round birch or willow sticks. The number of steps depends on the length of the ladder, but you must try to make it look as natural and symmetrical as possible.

On the vertical stand, mark the places for attaching the steps, in our case there will be five of them. With a length of racks of 12 cm, the distance between them is 2.5 cm. One centimeter remains at the ends of the stairs.

Clamp the two workpieces in a vice and drill through holes in two racks at once. The diameter should correspond to the diameter of the round sticks for the steps, the parts are assembled with a slight tension.

With a fine sandpaper, remove the burrs, remove the sharp corners of the square posts.

Insert the steps into the holes, assemble all the elements of the ladder into one structure, polish the surfaces again. Keep in mind that the smallest fibers will rise over time, and this will noticeably worsen the appearance of the product. It is necessary to grind both along and against the direction of the fibers.

Boil water in any vessel of suitable sizes, lower the assembled ladder into it. Leave on for about ten minutes.

Remove the product from the boiling water with tweezers and bend it lengthwise while hot. If the steps bend heavily, then boil the ladder again. Work in mittens, the tree is hotter. Do everything quickly, if the ladder cools down in a bent position, then it will not straighten to its initial state.

In the folded position, insert the ladder into the neck of the bottle and slide it inward.

Use a thin wand to help the stairs straighten out and take on a natural look.

To enhance the effect, pour water into the bottle and close with a suitable cork.

After the tree has completely taken its original shape - water must be drained and a bottle with an open neck should be dried in a warm place.


A staircase is the simplest craft, but by this principle you can stuff more original items into a bottle. Very difficult to soften with vinegar, a solution of ammonia or alkali. But we must remember that chemical compounds change the color of wood.

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