Do-it-yourself steel rose

The rose itself is a very beautiful, luxurious plant. Ordinary roses do not last long and quickly fade. A rose could be made from many other materials, but it seemed to me that it was a rose made of metal that would look most graceful and elegant. That is why I chose to make a rose from sheet steel. In this master class, the manufacturing process of this product with all the details will be described.

What is this homemade product for?

I found two uses for this homemade product: it can be presented to loved ones, for example: mom, grandmother, or beloved girl. Also, a rose can serve as a decoration for the interior of the house, living room.

Materials and tools that we will need in the manufacturing process of this product:

  • sheet of sheet steel 350 mm to 170 mm, a thickness of 0.8 mm;

  • a piece of steel wire with a diameter of 6 mm and a length of 40 cm;

  • two nuts with M5 thread;

  • scissors for cutting metal;

  • center punch for future holes and centers;

  • die for cutting an external thread M5;

  • round pliers;

  • a hammer with a striker and a wedge-shaped part;

  • compass and ruler;

  • burner;

  • drill or screwdriver with an M6 drill;

  • grinding sand with medium grit;

  • emery or file.

Manufacturing process

It should be said that the process itself is very interesting and fascinating, but takes a lot of time and effort. You also need to own tools at a decent level.

1. We need to mark 4 circles with a radius of 60mm, 55mm, 50mm, 45mm on a sheet of sheet steel using a ruler and compass. In my case, I had to use a heating pad, in order to remove a layer of paint from the workpiece.

2. Cut the circumference along the contour with scissors for metal and, if desired, processes sharp edges with a sandpaper.

3. I decided in advance with a punch and a hammer to outline future holes (this will be needed when drilling holes), you need to do this carefully so as not to damage your hands.

4. Now you can prepare the wire by sanding its surface with sandpaper or other more complex tools (if possible), to give an aesthetic appearance.

5. At one end of the wire, remove a small surface layer along the length of 15 mm for cutting at this place of the future thread. To make the die more convenient to work, it is necessary to mow the edges.

6. Fasten the wire in a vice and wind the external thread M5 with a die.

7. Let's go back to our circles and, using the drill, drill holes with a diameter of 6 mm at the place of marking with a punch.

8. On a separate piece of steel 50 by 50 mm, cut out the "star" and give it a shape with a hammer.

9. The next step is to shape the petals. To do this, make cuts on the circles, thereby * dividing * it into 5 approximately equal parts and round off the edges.

10. Next, with the blows of the hammer, we shape the edges of the petals, as shown in the photo.

11. Screw the nut onto our stud to the end. Then we attach everything else and tighten the second nut so that the petals do not scroll.

12. Using round-nose pliers, bend the petals (from the center to the edges) and give the shape of a bud.

This completes the production of steel sheet roses, thank you for your attention!