Topiary workshop “I love you”

Interior composition of a tree with coffee bean balls.

For work, prepare the materials:

- coffee beans.

- a little dry alabaster or gypsum.

- small capacity for the bowl.

-wire of medium thickness.

- a newspaper.

- paper tape.

- Thin brown fabric.

- polymer glue "Titan".

- brown lace.

- 3 or 5 pearl beads.

- a heart made of fabric with the inscription "I love you."

- ribbons for decoration.

- 2 mm thick plastic suede with sequins for hats.


- lighter.

- 3 small flowers from the revolver.

- toothpicks.

- A few medium-sized white beads.

Let's start with the manufacture of two balls, with a diameter of 7 and 8 cm. We take the sheets of the newspaper and wrinkle it tightly to the desired size. Then we fix the paper with paper tape. From brown fabric we cut strips 2 cm wide. Using glue, we fasten these strips on the resulting paper balls. And give time to dry.

Then we make recesses with scissors and insert toothpicks into this hole. Then over the entire surface of the balls we fix with the same glue coffee beans. And set aside for the complete adhesion of the adhesive.

Meanwhile, we will begin to make a tree, the basis of which will be wire. We cut pieces in the sizes of 18 and 25 cm. We bend in the form of a trunk with two branches.

Next we use the same brown fabric to wrap the base of the tree.

Now we take the cooked bowl, in a small amount of water we breed dry gypsum to the consistency of thick sour cream. We knead all this in a bowl and put the bottom of the stem base in the middle and give time for the full set of gypsum.

Then we glue the capacity of the bowl from the outside with paper tape.

And on the inside, glue a circle of brown fabric.

When everything has dried, we fix the coffee beans inside the bowl around the trunk. Add a row along the edge of the container.

Now take the brown lace and glue it on the outside of the bowl. The number of rows depends on the width of the tape.

Now we will make the crown of the tree. To do this, we fix the finished coffee balls on the edges of the wires. We pull out the toothpicks, and in their place we insert the wire with glue. The smaller diameter ball is mounted on the trunk, which is lower.

The tree is ready. But according to the plan, we have a couple in love and therefore we need a distinction for a girl and a boy. A ball with a smaller diameter will be a lady and at its base we tie two thin narrow ribbons to match the future hat. The edges must be cauterized with a lighter. And the gentleman will have a butterfly from a wide ribbon to match the headdress.

We will glue the hats from a revolute 2 cm thick. We take pink and silver color. Cut two different circles of 6 cm in diameter. These will be the base of the hats. The top of the hats is also the same, only the height of the ladies' hat is two times lower in height.

We glue well the blanks and add a piece of fabric to the net and three finished roses on the ladies' hat.

Now we glue the hats to our lovers.

It remains to fix the heart with the inscription. We place it at the base of the trunk, between two branches. Can be glued or sewn. And we fix a few beads in the bowl.

And on this the interior composition is completed.

Good luck to all!