Newspaper braid

In today's Master Class, we would like to introduce you to the technique of newspaper weaving and teach you how to make a braid from newspaper tubes. It will take you some time to make it, but it's worth it, because as a result you will get the perfect product for any housewife.

The following materials will be required to make newspaper newspaper wickers:

  • Newspaper tubes.

  • Thick cardboard.

  • Scissors.

  • Glue gun.

  • The cloth.

  • Clothespins.

  • PVA glue.

  • Brush.

  • Acrylic lacquer.

Getting to weaving crafts in the technique of newspaper weaving:

First, we cut out two circles from the cardboard and paste them on both sides with a cloth. Next, glue newspaper tubes to one of the cardboards, and glue the other on top. We weave several rows and raise the ducts. Weave the walls with an ordinary rope in two tubes.

The last row weave with a rope of three tubes, in order to give the product volume.

Then, using ordinary clothespins, we will form a pattern or pattern. We attach them to the tubes as shown in the photo.

We fasten three tubes and weave a rope of three tubes.

We weave five or six rows, and fill the tubes in a row.

From the struts we form a bend. First, we bend them all outward, and then inward. So that they do not break and it is convenient to form a bend, we wet them with water.

After the bend is ready. Cut off, excess tubes and fill the ends.

Next, we start painting the braids. We mix PVA glue and water in a ratio of 1: 1. Using a brush, carefully impregnate the wicker with the resulting solution. Set aside the basket to dry overnight. After the product dries, cover it with acrylic varnish and again leave to dry.

The braid is ready.

Such a wicker will become an original gift for a person who is engaged in needlework. It can store many materials (fabric, balls, beads, floss and much more).