How to open a tin can with a spoon

Many have encountered a situation where there is nothing to open a tin can - either there is no special can opener in the kitchen, or they forgot to take it for a picnic. There is a simple and fairly safe method, it can be used for all cans that do not have a factory grip for opening.

The technology of opening cans with a tablespoon

Grip the spoon in the palm of your right hand, it should be dry and clean, otherwise it is very difficult to keep it stationary. Hold it in such a way that the end is about 2-3 cm long.

With your left hand, grab the tin can, and with the tip of the spoon begin to rub on the lid of the can. Will have to make significant efforts, calculate your strength. The amplitude is about 2-3 cm. At first, the lid will bend and a groove is formed, this will make work a little easier - the tip of the spoon will not slip to the sides.

Continue rubbing until a through hole appears.

Insert the tip of the spoon into it and press firmly on it with the simultaneous advancement towards cutting the jar. Make swinging movements, now the edge of the spoon should not wipe the edge of the metal, but when moving from top to bottom, break it. The thickness of sheet steel for cans ranges from 0.20 mm, it breaks even at medium loads.

Continue to cut the lid in a circle, it is not necessary to try to make the cutout perfectly even. The spoon should always be vertical and tightly clamped, slipping during cutting is strictly not allowed. When the whole 1-2 cm of metal remains, pry off the lid with a spoon and bend it up. That's it, the jar is open, the contents get out without problems.

But it is necessary to take it out carefully, the edges of the lid have sharp notches and can easily injure your hand.


There is another way to open metal cans - with a kitchen knife, it requires less physical effort. The disadvantage is that the probability of injury is rather high. We must work very carefully and skillfully. Cuts can be deep, wounds heal for a long time and bring a lot of problems.

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