Hairpin "Dandelions"

Dandelions are bright and spring flowers, like the sun, capable of warming with just one look. These solar hairpins will decorate any hairstyle. Such hairpins are not only beautiful, but also practical, foamiran is not afraid of water, does not break and does not wrinkle, he is very easy to use and will obey even beginner needlewomen.

Materials for the master class:

- foamiran or plastic suede (sold in any store for creativity). We need a sheet of yellow and green foamiran;

- iron;

- scissors;

- clip crocodile;

- glue gun.


1. From a yellow foamiran, cut out a strip measuring 1.5x30 cm.

2. Cut it into thin strips, not reaching the edges by 0.5 cm.

3. Thus, you need to cut the entire strip.

4. Apply the lower part of foamiran to the heated iron. The longer we keep it near the hot, the more curled we get the petals. The initial petals we need are not too curved, so we hold about 1-2 seconds.

5. So twist 1/3 of the entire length of the strip.

6. Expand the strip and begin to bend the petals in the other direction.

7. Press foamiran to the heated iron for 2-3 seconds, more intensively bending the petals.

8. After exposure to heat, the foamiran should look like in the photo.

9. From a green foamiran we cut a circle with a diameter of 5 cm.

10. From this circle we cut out a sepals star.

11. We press each of the five sides of the sepal to the iron.

12. As a result, our sepals will take shape as in the photo.

13. We begin to spin our flower, starting from the side with more curved petals.

14. We twist the entire strip to the end - this is our dandelion.

15. The edge is fixed with glue.

16. The sepals are also smeared with glue.

17. Glue the sepals to the flower.

18. We take a clip, generously lubricate it with glue and glue it to the sepals of the flower.

19. That's all, our summer dandelion hairpin is ready.

In the same way, you can decorate a hairpin, hoop, elastic band, or take a larger clip and place several dandelions on it. Flowers in your hair - it's gentle and romantic, try it and you will succeed!