Openwork vase with flowers made of paper

Soon the whole country will celebrate the most spring holiday - March 8th. And now, many parents with children come up with original crafts, draw postcards, make jewelry, which they later give to their beloved women: grandmothers, sisters, mothers, and girlfriends.

A very unusual gift and decoration of the interior will be a lacy flower vase made of paper.

To make it, you will need:

• paper of blue, pink, green and white colors,

•PVA glue,

• sharp scissors,

• satin ribbon.

To get started, copy or draw your own vase pattern. Try to make as many patterns as possible inside so that the vase is openwork.

After that, attach the stapled sheet to the two sheets of blue color. To make the craft more stable, it is recommended to choose thick paper for it.

With small sharp scissors you need to cut out all the internal patterns, and then the outer contour of the vase. The result should be two details. Connect them together by gluing a strip of cardboard to the base.

Now it is necessary to create a basis to which flowers will subsequently be attached. A semicircle should be cut from a sheet of white paper, and then glued between two parts of the vase.

Now it's the turn of the bouquet itself. From pink paper, cut three types of rectangles of different widths and fold them in half. In order to save time, make several quadrangles of each type at once. Near the fold line, draw three petals, and then, having cut them and straightened, you can see that the result is a flower.

Due to the fact that the flowers are of different sizes, it will turn out to fold voluminous roses. Apply parts to each other, pre-lubricating each with glue. Mark the core of the flower with a circle or star cut out of white paper. The flower is ready.

Now you need to make leaves. In the same way, draw half the leaflet on green paper rectangles folded in half, and then cut it out.

Stick all the flowers and leaves on a semicircular base. The craft is ready. There was one final touch - to tie a ribbon at the base of the vase.

This floral arrangement looks very festive and spring-like. Openwork vase with bright colors will serve as an unusual decoration for your home.