Elastic band "Tenderness" with pendants

You should prepare for the warm spring days by making beautiful decorations for your children. A great example is the elasticity “Tenderness”, which will complement any outfit.

To make the jewelry “Tenderness” you will need:

- two types of narrow ribbons: from satin and organza.

- tweezers.

- scrunchy.

- beads of light pink color.

- thin fishing line.

- lighter.

- a ribbon of organza of a lilac shade 1.2 cm wide.

- pink satin ribbon 1.2 cm wide.

- contour paint silver color.

- glue gun.

- a cabochon in the form of a flower, with a diameter of 2 cm.

Making jewelry "Tenderness".

Eraser consists of a large main flower and two pendants, they all need to be created separately. You should start with the main flower. To do this, narrow ribbons need to be cut into equal strips 7 cm long.

A piece of pink ribbon must be doubled, halving the length of the part.

It turns out a loop, in its upper part you need to put a piece of tape from organza, placing it horizontally.

The edge of the organza ribbon on the right side should be placed on top of the pink ribbon cut.

And immediately repeat the action from the second side, also combining the edges of the ribbons.

Now the combined slices of the two types of tapes must be collected in small folds and scorched.

It turns out a voluminous petal, but for decoration it is necessary to make 8 more of the same details. As a result, you need 9 petals, 5 for the flower and 2 pieces for each of the pendants.

Petals can be temporarily set aside and begin to create the remaining details for decoration. For starters, you will need a ribbon of organza, it will make a wonderful rope for pendants.

Having prepared a length of 25 cm from it, you need to clamp one edge with tweezers, and twist the second section strongly with your fingers.

Twist should be until the tape is significantly reduced in size. Then, while continuing to hold the twisted ribbon, you need to combine its slices, thanks to twisting the ribbon folded in half will twist into a beautiful twisted rope.

Combined sections of the rope must be carefully treated with a flame. Then immediately you need to make a second rope, so that as a result the decoration will be supplemented with two pendants.

Now from the second narrow tape you need to make 5 segments with a length of 5 cm. Loops should be prepared from each part.

The eyelets need to be fixed with this kind of glue drop. For a flower you need to make only 5 of these details.

Next, you need to make loops of fishing line and beads. For small sections of fishing line, 25 pink beads should be passed. Such loops from beads need to be made 5 pieces.

All details are prepared, you can collect hair jewelry. From 5 volumetric petals you need to make a flower by connecting them into a circle and fixing with glue.

Two petals should be glued to the strings from the organza ribbon, placing them next to each other.

In the center of the flower, it is necessary to arrange the loops of their narrow ribbons, gluing them with hot glue.

Then, over the pink parts, attach the bead loops.

It remains to close the connection points of all the loops and petals using the middle for jewelry in the shape of a flower.

Two pendants with petals should be attached to the wrong side of the flower. The places of attachment of the petals on the pendants should be closed with small pieces of pink ribbon.

On the back of the flower you need to fix the elastic band for the hair.

Now you need to supplement the prepared decoration with contour paints, drawing thin lines along the edges of the petals.

Eraser "Tenderness" is ready!