Packing with a rose for a bottle of wine

Often as a gift or as a guest, we choose a bottle of good wine. For gourmets of this ancient and not lost in the present drink such a gift will be a joy. Or maybe someone is suitable for the collection (this is for those who always have a good set of alcohol in the bar for connoisseurs). To make the gift look even more attractive, it would be nice to pick up the original packaging for a bottle of wine. A special high gift bag is selected for presenting as a gift, but the bottle itself can become elegant. To do this, we will connect a gift cover for a vessel with wine, which we will also decorate with a flower.

Originality is always important in this matter, therefore we choose a textured yarn, the thread of which is of uneven thickness, has thickened sections, and cotton with viscose in composition. The color is also original, black with bright pink weave. The hook for this uneven thread is chosen with the condition that the knitting should turn out to be mesh, not tight. In pair with this thread we select acrylic yarn of bright pink color, from which we will knit a rose for decoration. A small skein of yarn is useful for knitting a ribbon or tie-string.

We make a packing case for a bottle with a round bottom. At the beginning of knitting, we collect 4 air loops, close in a ring. We tie 8 columns without a cape into this ringlet and go to the second row. Starting with it, all knitting is done with double crochet. Add loops in the next 3 to 4 rows until the circle reaches the size of the bottom of the bottle.

Then we stop adding loops and knit in a circle in height. In the process of knitting, we apply a cover to the bottle. The height of the cover should cover the entire bottle.

The last row is performed according to the scheme: 1 vp on the rise, then rapport: * a magnificent column of 2 tbsp. with a crochet, 2 vp, in the next loop of the lower row a lush column of 2 tbsp. with a crochet, a simple column in the next loop of the bottom row *. Repeat the report to the end of the row, getting a slightly wavy edge.

The ribbon for tying can be selected from satin braid or knitted from yarn of a suitable color. In our case, a cord was made from grass-colored yarn using a machine for knitting cords. Not everyone has such a stitch, so using a hook it is not difficult to knit a tape from two rows: 1 row of 70 air loops, the second row of double crochets.

We put the knitted cover on the bottle, tie it with a ribbon in the neck area, turn the edges.

We knit a rose from acrylic yarn, choose the method of twisted ribbon. We knit a strip of yarn according to the scheme: we collect 60 vp, then rapport into the fourth loop of the bottom row * in one loop: 1 tbsp. with a crochet, 2 vp, 1 tbsp. with a crochet, in the following loop of the bottom row: 1 tbsp. single crochet *. It turns out as the letter V. The second row is 3 loops longer than the first in each report. Due to this, the tape begins to curl already in the process of knitting.

Having finished the second row, we proceed to the formation of the rosette, twist the knitted ribbon in a spiral, and then with a thread of the same yarn we fasten all the twisted tiers of the ribbon from the inside, just sew it through, without tightening it so as not to crumple the flower.

We straighten the rose, try on a knitted cover put on a bottle, and sew a flower in the area of ​​the knot onto the ribbon or onto the cover itself.

So this wine gift looks solemnly elegant. You can go on a visit!