Felt dragon

Which of the children does not like dragons and everything connected with them ?!

Everybody loves. Only here parents often can not afford to buy a toy dragon, and maybe there simply is no such opportunity where they live.

But what should such parents do?

The answer is simple: to learn how to make dragons on your own, especially since any fabric can be used for this, for example, well-known felt.

We will try to make such a dragon. That's what we got in the end.

Now consider our work in stages.

Stage One: The Green Head

We begin our work with the manufacture of the dragon's head. To do this, you need to prepare two details of the pattern, here they are in paper version.

A long pattern needs to be made in 1 copy, and a small second pattern in 2 details. Stitch three parts together. On top add ears of 4 parts (2 yellow, 2 green). You can immediately glue the eyes of the toy and embroider the yellow nostrils of felt.

This is what we get at the end of the work.

And this is a side view of the head.

Stage Two: Torso

Having made the body to the dragon, you can assume that most of the work will already be done.

We start with the breast pattern. Here is her paper version.

Cut out 2 parts from yellow felt.

Then we sew them together.

Now we start with the manufacture of the back of the green part of the toy.

We take a pattern.

We make 2 green details.

We sew them together as shown in the picture.

Then we sew to each other the breast and the back of the body.

Fill the toy with holofiber.

Here the body is done.

Stage Three: Feet

The paws are made of 2 parts each. The pattern of parts and the legs themselves are shown in the figure.

Then you need to sew the head and body of the dragon together. Look what happened on top.

And this is a side view.

Sew paws to the body of the dragon.

Now it remains only to make wings.

You can look at the pattern of the wings and the finished wings themselves, which we make of felt yellow and green.

Sew wings to the body of the toy.

Here is our dragon and ready. It remains to cut out the yellow mane for him in the form of triangles and sew them. You should also sew with a green thread a green circle on the navel.

You can admire the dragon in full view.

And in profile.

In general, the toy turned out to be cute, the dragon comes in that it is made of two colors - green and yellow. Such a toy can make any child happy!