Bouquet of tulips from corrugated paper

I propose to make a bouquet of tulips from corrugated paper. Yes, such tulips are odorless, but they do not fade and can please for a long time.

Such flowers can be presented to a child by her grandmother or mother on International Women's Day, and they can also be presented to the teacher or made as a craft in a kindergarten or school.

It is better to make more tulips, then the bouquet looks voluminous. Use several colors of corrugated paper, this will give the bouquet an additional visual volume.

To make tulips you need:

- corrugated paper in yellow, red and pink colors;

- newspaper for the stalk or newspaper tubes;

- green paper for stems;

- threads;

- scissors;

- PVA glue.

1. For one flower, it is necessary to cut corrugated paper into strips of 4 by 16 cm in size. For each flower, 5 petals are used.

2. To form one petal, fold the rectangular blank in half, outline the center, then unfold the paper, collect it in the middle and rotate it 360 degrees, fold it in half and form a convex petal in half, straightening the paper in the middle.

At the bottom, twist the petal with your hands.

Similarly, we make other petals.

3. For the stalk you need a tube from the newspaper. It can be done manually or by wrapping a newspaper sheet on a long thin needle.

[/ center]

4. Now, at the top of the tube, drip a little glue and glue 3 petals around its entire axis, then glue 2 more petals to add volume to the flower. At the base of the tulip we drag the paper petals with a thread.

5. To design the stalk, you need a strip 2 cm wide of green paper. Wrap the stem tightly with it and fix it with glue.

6. When all the flowers are ready, they can be tied with a ribbon or put in a vase.