Simple earnings with Yandex.Toloka. My personal experience

Hello, today I want to tell you how to organize additional earnings in the Yandex.Toloka project. This article will omit the registration process in the project and linking the Yandex.Money wallet, as it is very simple and the average Internet user will not have any difficulties (in extreme cases, technical support from Yandex will always help you). The article discusses one of the simple, interesting and highly paid tasks, called "Photos of buildings NEW." I would like to add that living in a relatively small city with a population of about 300 thousand people, this task will consistently bring you 5 or 6 thousand a month, or maybe even more, it all depends on your desire.

What you need for work

To work on this task, you will need:

  • - a smartphone equipped with a camera and GPS (Android or iOS);

  • - Yandex.Tolok application installed on this smartphone;

  • - the presence of at least one free hour of time for work.

We proceed to the assignment

By opening the Yandex.Tolok application, you will see a list of available tasks, among which you need to find "Photos of NEW buildings."

Select it and in the next menu click "open map".

After completing these steps, the location data and the nearest buildings that need to be photographed, as well as job prices in dollars, will open.

I advise you to choose tasks of average cost, in my region it is 0.39 dollars. Having selected the point with the task you like on the map, click on it and get into the next section, where you need to click on “Proceed”.

Next, a data entry form will open. It needs to:

  • - fill in the photographs section "Take a photo of the building from all sides." There should be at least 4 photos of the building (left, right, front, back). And photos of signage organizations in the building, if present;

  • - fill in the photographs of the section “Photo of the address plate”, where it is necessary to attach a photo of the address plate of the building, if it is not there, then a task adjacent to the same street;

  • - leave a comment. If you indicate a residential building or not, there are any organizations in the building, as well as information about any interference with photographing (for example: trees close the house on the right side, making it inaccessible for photography). In this case, attach a photo in the first section.

After performing all these steps, you must click on "Submit".


It takes about 15 minutes to complete one task. That is, in an hour, at least 4 tasks can be completed. We get 4 * 0.39 = 1.56 dollars. If translated, this is 101.4 rubles. Not bad for one hour of quiet use?

Highlights in completing this assignment:

  • - try to choose houses without organizations, this will facilitate the process of photographing, as well as reduce the time to complete one task;

  • - if the building is difficult to photograph from any side, do not refuse the task, but explain what the problem is and make a photo to confirm it;

  • - if you perform tasks qualitatively, then the cost for the tasks will increase;

  • - Do not worry about the fact that tasks in your city will end, because in this project with a frequency of 1 or 2 months, they are updated and will be available again.

My earnings

For those who still doubt the reliability of this method of part-time work, I am attaching a screenshot of my earnings.