How to make comfortable toothbrush handles for files

Files are smaller versions of files and are designed to work with small parts. The most common are straight single-end tools, one side of which has a working notch, and the other is a long cylindrical shank for special handles. In principle, a file can be used for its intended purpose and without a handle, but it is not very convenient, insufficiently productive, and not entirely safe.

In order not to splurge on the purchase of factory handles for files, we will try to adapt old toothbrushes under them. What else will we need for this?

Will need

The main tool for implementing our idea will be a drill with a drill whose diameter is less than the diameter of the cylindrical shanks of the files. In addition, you should have at hand:

  • set of worn toothbrushes;

  • scissors for metal;

  • building hair dryer.

The process of making comfortable pens

For adult toothbrushes, the cross-section of plastic handles is much larger than that of a file shank. This serves as a reliable guarantee that our idea will have a continuation and reliable practical implementation.

We choose toothbrushes, preferably with straight handles. Using scissors for metal, we cut off the neck with the working head, leaving the part that we usually hold in our hands when we brush our teeth.

We turn on the building hair dryer, let it warm up well, securely install it in such a position that the direction of the hot air flow is vertically upward.

We slightly warm the handles over the cut section and carefully with our fingers so as not to burn ourselves, “roll” them and, thereby, increase the strength in this place and give it an aesthetic completeness.

In the center of the cross-sections of the handles we drill blind holes in depth, commensurate with the length of the shank of the files.

We turn on the hair dryer again and heat the shanks of the mini files along the entire length and, not allowing them to cool, insert them into the holes drilled in the handles and push them as far as possible with the help of hands.

If the hole turned out to be not deep enough compared to the length of the shank of this file, pull it out and deepen the hole, and only after that we finally insert the file shank.

The result is a solid connection between the needle shank and the handle of an old toothbrush. This is due to the fact that the heated metal shank melts the nearby layers of plastic, which, increasing in volume, tightly wraps around the shank of the needle file, while at the same time, sticking to it. After the connection is completely cooled, it is almost impossible to pull the file out of the handle at any effort.