10 amazing lifehacks with baking soda

This white inorganic powder is in every kitchen. Despite the simple chemical formula (NaHCO3) and low cost, it is able to replace many household preparations. Usually it is used as a baking powder for baking or as a cleaning agent for kitchen and household utensils. But soda also has other beneficial properties.

Natural odor freshener

Pour two glasses of water into the spray bottle.

Cut and squeeze lemons, oranges or limes to get half a glass of juice, which we send there.

Finally, add one tablespoon of baking soda to the resulting mix.

Then shake the sprayer with the contents thoroughly. Such a freshener instantly and permanently discourages unpleasant odors.

Mixture to show the interaction of substances during combustion

This trick will delight your friends. Thoroughly mix four parts of icing sugar and one part of baking soda.

We pour the resulting mix into a spacious heat-resistant basin. Add one part of the alcohol there and set it on fire.

When burning alcohol, the decomposition reaction of soda and sugar occurs. Soda decomposes into carbon dioxide and water vapor. Gases fancifully swell the mass, consisting of their products of sugar combustion, which, when charred, turn black.

When conducting this experiment, you should use safety glasses and prepare a fire extinguisher. A student is allowed to demonstrate it only under adult supervision.

Ketchup with a shocking surprise

Jokes adorn life. One of them can be arranged by pouring one tablespoon of baking soda into ketchup, closing the lid and turning the bottle over so that the powder is at the bottom.

Then, carefully returning it to its normal position, put it in the refrigerator.

An unsuspecting comrade or relative takes a bottle of ketchup, shakes it before use and is about to season the dish. But instead of a smooth flow, the contents break out from the bottle at a frantic speed, reach the opposite wall and “decorate” it with a pink-red pattern. This is the result of the interaction of soda with vinegar, which is contained in ketchup.

Eliminating odors from shoes

Up to 250, 000 sweat glands are located on our feet, so our shoes often smell unpleasant. To neutralize it, pour a good portion of soda in the middle of a paper towel and fold the paper so that the bag of soda inside can be placed overnight and left in shoes.

In the morning, the unpleasant smell, giving off with vinegar or even cheese, will disappear.

Grill grill cleaning

In order to easily remove fat deposits and grouts from the grill grates, mix three parts of baking soda and one part of hot ox in a small bowl. Stir the ingredients until a homogeneous creamy mix is ​​obtained.

Dip a brush into it and distribute the soda mixture throughout the grate. Soon, the grease deposits are softened and can easily be scraped off with a metal spatula.

Extinguishing agent in the kitchen

If you heat vegetable oil to 232 degrees Celsius, and the animal to 191 degrees Celsius, then it can break out. So that the flame does not spread throughout the kitchen, you must act quickly. For example, start to fill a burning dish with baking soda, as it absorbs oxygen.

The food, of course, will become unusable, but it will not be necessary to call firefighters.

Carpet Cleaning

The carpet is contaminated by shoes falling from food or animals. In the latter case, it will still smell unpleasant. Remove dirt, repel odors and update the carpet with baking soda. To do this, pour a glass of powder into a basin and drop 25 drops of your favorite essential oil there.

Mix the contents of the pelvis with a whisk until the lumps disappear. Pour the powder with the essential oil into a bottle with a mesh cap and sprinkle this pollution on the carpet.

Leave the powder for 15 minutes and then collect it with a vacuum cleaner. The carpet becomes clean, pleasantly smelling and updated.

Sink drain cleaning

If a sink clogged during cooking, you can use a simple method. We fall asleep in the drain hole near a glass of baking soda and then immediately the same amount of vinegar.

A violent reaction will occur between them and the stock will instantly clear. All that remains is to spill it with water to remove small debris and reaction products from the sink drainage system.

Heartburn suppressant

Spicy foods can cause heartburn. In this case, take special medications. But what if they are gone or have run out? Baking soda will help out, as always. Dissolve half a tablespoon of this substance in a glass of water, mix well and drink in one gulp. The feeling is not entirely pleasant, but on the other hand I will remove the heartburn.

Cleaning plastic dishes

Sometimes indelible food stains remain on the walls of plastic dishes, no matter how we wash and clean them. This problem is easily solved with baking soda.

Pour it into the dishes, covering all the spots, and add a little water to get a creamy mixture. Then, having closed the lid, we begin to shake the dishes intensively and leave everything alone for several hours.

After that, it remains only to rinse the dishes under the tap, and it will be like new.