We decorate the house for Easter with children

The celebration of Easter lasts a whole week. Since the holiday falls in the spring, everyone wants to decorate the house in the spring bright and colorful. Easter wreaths, colored eggs, and what else can complement the interior of the apartment? We offer to decorate the house in the usual, but very funny way. You can add a bright green color, a little enthusiasm and smiles to your apartment, and do it together with the children. To do this, we will make big-eyed eggs with lush hair of grass.

We will need:

• Egg shells.

• Vata.

• Wheat.

• Water.

• 2 weeks of germination time.

1. Shells need to be washed and put steady. You can use either an ordinary cardboard stand or ceramic dishes. Fill the shell with cotton.

2. To keep the grains well on a cotton litter, first sprinkle cotton wool with water and only then fill the wheat. The water in the shell must be periodically added. Fluids need so much that the cotton wool remains wet, no more.

3. In a week you will grow grass of this height. But we decided to grow green hair by a subline.

4. In two weeks, noble hair will grow in funny little eyes. We paste eyes on the shells (I have stickers from a children's designer, although you can simply draw muzzles with a felt-tip pen). We put the hair of the kids in the hairstyle. We’ll make a haircut for someone, and put someone’s hair in a bun. Well, the team of big-eyed eggs is ready to decorate the Easter table and the festive interior of the house.