How to cook an egg yolk out

Do you want to play and surprise your family or friends? Nothing is easier! Boiled eggs are an indispensable component of many dishes. Each housewife uses them in their dishes and separately. We offer a very original method to give the dish exclusivity and to please everyone with an unusual look.

What you need to prepare

The effect of "turning" the yolk is achieved through the use of physical laws. You need to have a nylon stocking or tights, an adhesive tape and a piece of wire. Checking the placement of the yolk is done by illuminating it with a small flashlight.

Egg preparation technology

First you need to enlighten the egg. Use a flashlight as a lightoscope, such a device is used to check the quality before laying eggs for incubation. If it is cloudy, then this is evidence of stale, it is forbidden to use such eggs in food. The egg should be evenly visible; the protein cannot have dark inclusions.

Tape the eggshell tightly with tape, it is better to work with a thin tape about 1 cm wide. Do not leave the areas uncovered; significant tensile forces will act on them. And nature specially made the shell in such a way that it was not afraid of compression (the egg was kept intact in the nest) and easily destroyed from the inside (chicks were easier to exit).

Take tights, tie one stocking in a knot about the middle of the length. Insert the egg inside, pull the stocking tightly, twist it and tie a piece of wire on the other side.

Now you need to unwind the egg. Hold the stocking with both hands, twist it about 20-30 turns. Then you should cyclically stretch the tights to the sides, the rotation of the egg is accelerated, when the maximum value is reached, you need to slightly relax the tension, the egg will continue to rotate by inertia and spin the tights in the opposite direction. As soon as the rotation stops, pull the tights again, the egg will begin to rotate in the opposite direction. You need to stretch the tights in such a way as to give it maximum angular speed.

Keep spinning for a few minutes. Why is this done? Protein density is lower than yolk density. Under the influence of large centrifugal forces, the yolk breaks through the bag and rushes to the shell, and the protein shifts to the center - the stocking functions as a centrifuge. The greater the revolutions and the rotation time, the better the effect.

Using a flashlight, illuminate the egg again, if it is dark, this indicates that the yolk has shifted to the shell, the unwinding can be stopped.

Remove the egg from the tights, but do not remove the tape. Start cooking, it should boil for at least five minutes, so much time is needed for hard boiling.

Pull out the egg and dip it in a bowl of cold water, preferably throwing ice into it. It is necessary to cool sharply, otherwise the shell will be very poorly removed.

Now remove the tape, peel the egg from the shell.

Cut with a knife in half.

Wonderful, isn't it?

Such a trick will definitely please and surprise your near and dear ones.


If the egg turned yellow throughout the volume, then this indicates insufficient rotation, the yolk only mixed with protein, but did not move to the shell.

But even in this form, it can be used for cooking. To achieve the desired effect, repeat the process, try to give the egg maximum speed.