Thick rug made of yarn

Perhaps in no house can not do without a rug. Rugs are a cozy element of the interior, which is fashionable to put in the bathroom, hallway, bed near a berth or crib. Handmade rugs come up with very original ones. Here, for example, is a practical and boring thick and warm rug made of soft yarn in several threads.

Let's start with practicality. Firstly, the rug can be knitted from the remnants of yarn that have accumulated from various projects and are idle. Secondly, choosing the number of threads that make up the working thread for knitting, you can achieve the desired thickness of the product, which will become comfortable for bare feet, while not wrinkling and twisting, like a thin version of the rugs. Thirdly, a lush rug can become not only a fragmented floor covering, but also a soft seat for a stool or chair, or even a favorite place for your pet.

Now about the boring. Choosing the composition of the working thread for knitting, you can collect an interesting color and texture for the product, which will make the rug a real interior thing.

For our model, the remains of yarn were selected mainly in black color variation. At the same time, there is a textured mixed thread cotton with viscose, a thread of wool rovings, two pairs of twisted mixed threads of wool with acrylic, a pink mohair thread and a thin strong synthetic thread, which should contribute to better wear resistance of the rug. The thread in the working composite thread can be up to 10 pieces.

We collect all these threads into one and select a thick crochet hook. In our case, number 12. Knitting should be moderately tight, but so that the rug remains lush, soft. Hooks with a large number are now actively used for knitting from thick yarn, so it will not be difficult to find one on sale.

The shape of the rug is classic, rectangular, so we begin to knit with a chain of air loops, which should be almost as much as fit in the length of the desired size of the product.

Then we knit all the loops into the loop with double crochets, clinging the working thread to both walls of the loop of the lower row. For corner turns we use three loops in one lower row. Having knitted 20-25 rows, we proceed to tying the rectangle. In our case, this is done only with black threads. The hook is also changed to No. 8 or 9, the contour rows should be denser.

In the harness can be from two to five rows, in accordance with this, the size of the mat will increase. We finish knitting by completing the strapping around the rectangle. The main canvas is ready.

So that the mat does not seem monotonous and becomes more attractive, we apply decor. To tone the pink color of one of the warp threads, we use a rather thick acrylic yarn of bright pink color. From it we knit flowers of a rounded flat shape to choose from. Several flowcharts are given below. In this case, hook number 3.4 - 4 is suitable.

The knitting pattern of the flower can be invented independently.

In addition to flowers, we also knit details - leaves from green yarn. The simplest are oval details from 4 rows of double crochets. You can come up with more complicated, see diagrams.

We try on the details for the rug, we find the composition that is most attractive. Further, it is up to the needle and thread. Sew strong parts with a thin thread to the mat with a small frequent stitch.

We get a knitted applique.

Here is such a magnificent and soft rug obtained as a result of labor. Standing on it with bare feet will be nice and soft.

Knitting is not difficult, and the result will be very pleased.