I don’t use the garlic squeezer anymore, a useful trick for chopping garlic

Most people use a garlic crusher or a grater with small cloves to chop garlic. With these devices, everything is well crushed and, in essence, it suits everyone. But you remember how hard it is then to wash the garlic squeezer, to pick out the garlic that has caught out of the many holes. Yes, and look for it and remember where it lies before use.

All this can be easily avoided if you use one simple trick.

The trick of chopping garlic with a fork

We need a regular fork that you eat every day. You must admit that it is always at hand and easy to wash after use.

So she will serve us as a grater!

Just take a clove of garlic and rub it on a grater.

Everything is very simple and quick, check.

After use, just wash it. Or even she can be eaten first, I think the taste of garlic will not be disgusting at the beginning, but this is for those who do not want to bother at all.

There is also a second way

Also, garlic can simply be crushed with a fork, but it will not be shallow as after rubbing.

Here is such a useful life hack that should make your daily life easier.