How to fix washing powder problems with a washing machine

All owners of washing machines notice that over time, part of the powder remains in a special compartment, is not completely washed off. This has a negative effect on the quality of washing - the recommended amount of detergents is reduced. At the same time, another problem arises - the time it takes to fill the washing machine with water increases significantly. You can find and eliminate the cause within a few minutes.

What should be prepared

No special tools are needed, only pliers, an old toothbrush and a desire to fix the washing machine on their own are needed.


After washing, open the powder tray. If there are residues at the bottom - it's time to repair the unit.

To check, turn on the washing machine with the tray removed and see how much water is supplied to flush.

Keep in mind that during this test a lot of water is spilled on the floor, get ready to clean it.

Close the tap to supply water to the machine, unscrew the hose, it is mounted on the rear wall to the outlet of the pipe.

Plastic nut, unscrewed by hand.

Unscrew it, remove the filter. Over time, it sours, you have to get it with pliers, you don’t have to make much effort, the plastic case can not stand it.

Pull it towards you and constantly rotate in different directions.

Clean the screen from dirt and put the filter in its previous place.

Screw on the flexible hose. Select the position of the hose so that it easily joins the water tap without sharp bends. Which direction he is directed at this time does not matter, there will be no independent filling of the machine. The valve closes the water, the device opens only from the signal from the control panel of the washing unit during washing.

The second filter is installed on the opposite end of the hose, unscrew it and clean the mesh. Collect all the connections and check the operation of the machine. Water should be supplied to the compartment under high pressure and completely flush the detergent into the tank.

After cleaning all the filters, we check the operation: put the powder into the tray and turn on the machine to wash.

Everything washes away properly.

Water pressure is good.


The high resistance of water in the hoses significantly increases the load on the pump, which leads to its accelerated failure, and this is already an expensive and complicated repair. Do not be lazy to periodically inspect the filters, prevent breakages, and prevent them.

It will also be useful to clean your faucet aerators at the same time.