Donut crochet needle needle case

All kinds of needlework things, as well as the original arrangement of the needlewoman’s workplace, are able to please not only the craftswoman herself, but also her entire environment. Any guest, being in the house of a creative hostess, will definitely pay attention not only to the tidiness and cleanliness of the rooms, but also to their design, originality, and originality.

Each will certainly celebrate the creative approach, the idea, the original use of the composition, its high-quality performance and accuracy. Such a “delicacy”, for example, will become not only a place to store your needles, but also a complete decoration of any room.

Bright and “juicy” donut, in fact, is extremely simple to implement and does not require a huge amount of a variety of materials. It can be crocheted with an ordinary hook of medium thickness, having only yarn of beige and pink colors, as well as a little synthetic winterizer. To simulate powder, any residues of colored yarn are suitable (2-3 colors are enough).

Get 25 stitches from sand, light brown or beige yarn and connect this chain into a ring. They always knit the product only with single crochet (all 3 parts), so the circular rows are formed correctly at the initial stage, plus they are knitted very quickly and easily.

The only rule! Do not forget to include additional columns (increments) in each new row and also constantly increase their number.

And all of this yarn will need to knit two identical parts.

Then fold the finished parts inside out (it is only necessary to stitch them from the face) and sew these blanks together along their inner circles.

The outer sides of the two parts can also be crocheted, tying together along the contour with connecting posts.

The external processing of the edges is still good because after filling the donut with a syntepon, there is no need to mask the remaining slot, because at the end it is knitted as well as the entire contour of the product. This makes it even and proportionate on all sides.

The icing should be pale pink and occupy 2/3 of the entire surface of our butter donut.

And more natural will be given to it by chaotic streaks, which can be made in different places from small chains of air loops (from 2 to 4). They should also be crocheted.

It remains to apply a powder with multi-colored threads and to sew icing on a bun.

Appetizing needle bar is ready! And now this cute accessory will be the highlight of your entire collection of accessories for sewing and needlework.