How to give magnetic chewing gum for hands or clever plasticine

Smart plasticine, also known as chewing gum for hands, is one of the most popular polymer children's toys for the development of finger motility. Games with him sin even adults. Consider a way to give smart plasticine magnetic properties, making it even more interesting.

Materials and tools:

  • Silly Putty, Thinking Putty, Thinking Clay chewing gum or another;

  • iron oxide powder;

  • mixing container;

  • Neodymium magnet;

  • disposable gloves;

  • respirator or face mask.

The magnetic property of plasticine will give iron oxide powder. It has a black color, therefore it is used as a resistant pigment for paints. It can be bought in the store of goods for artists or ordered via the Internet on Ali Express.

Mixing ratio

Before work, it is worth protecting the respiratory tract with a respirator so as not to inhale the iron oxide powder. It does not hurt to wear gloves. Plasticine is kneaded into a plate and placed on any container.

Powder is poured into the center of the pancake.

On packing plasticine 24 gr. you'll need about a tablespoon of oxide. The larger it is, the stronger the reaction to the magnet. However, if you overdo it, then plasticine will become brittle.

Plasticine with powder should be gently kneaded. At the same time, iron oxide will dust, so it is better to work without rushing. In order to have less dust, you should first cover the powder with the edges of the plate, like a filling when sculpting dumplings or pies.

The mixture is kneading for 3-4 minutes, until it mixes well. Since oxide is a strong pigment, magnetic clay will turn black.

Interesting experiments with magnetic plasticine

Before experimenting with a magnet, plasticine needs to be kneaded in the hand to make it plastic. If you move a neodymium magnet of sufficient strength toward it, the mixture will begin to stretch in the direction of the field source. Outwardly, it looks very impressive.

If you put a magnet on plasticine, then the plastic substance will surround it on all sides. It seems that the mixture comes to life and absorbs the magnet.

In order for the toy to last longer, it is necessary to protect it from bulk solids while it is in a softened state. The addition of iron oxide changes only the color of plasticine, while it retains the property of being melted by the heat of the hands, jumping like a bouncer, cutting, etc. The polymer holds pigment well, so skin and clothing do not get dirty from playing with it.