5 devices that will turn your drill and grinder into a radically different tool

Many people have a drill, screwdriver or grinder. To increase the return and save money, you can purchase adapters and nozzles, as a result, the functionality will expand and there will be no need to purchase special tools and equipment.

Rotary Drive Pump Head

Its body is made of durable plastic, all internal parts are made of stainless steel. Outwardly, it looks like a splitter with two nozzles for connecting a suction and discharge hose. The flow rate depends on the drive power and ranges from 25 to 40 l / min.

Using the nozzle is simple: we insert its shank into the drill chuck and securely fasten it.

We lay the drill with the pump nozzle on a wooden stand and fix it with half-clamps made of tin and screws for the “clamping neck” and the handle lying on wooden blocks in cylindrical cutouts.

We fix the hoses on the nozzles and lower the end of the suction hose into a container of water.

We turn on the drill, and water under pressure begins to flow from the end of the discharge hose.

Mini grinder attachment

It consists of a housing, interchangeable tension rollers, an adapter-drive to the spindle thread and a nozzle for removing chips. Consumables are emery tape.

To install the nozzle on the grinder, remove the protective cover and the front cover of the gear housing.

We screw the adapter onto the spindle thread and install the mini-grinder housing, securing it to the gearbox flange with a clamp.

We install the ring emery tape on the adapter-drive and the driven pulley, and operate the belt tensioning mechanism with a special lever.

We put the protective cover on the emery tape drive and fix it with a bolt under the hexagon.

We put the branch pipe on the chip receiving tube and turn on the grinder. We see that the tape has set in motion and is ready for work.

This nozzle can process wood, plastic and metal workpieces.

Reciprocating saw

Its body made of durable plastic also serves as a handle for controlling the nozzle during operation. An emphasis bracket is attached on one side and a saw mount and drive assembly is located, and on the other, a shank for connecting to a drill chuck. The kit also includes three saws, different in length, size and shape of the teeth and purpose, but with the same mounting part.

We install the saw into the slot of the attachment point and use a hex wrench to rotate a special screw, we press it in the lock.

Clamp the nozzle in the drill chuck or screwdriver.

We check the idle operation of the drill with the nozzle and visually make sure that they are working.

We check the tool in action by cutting a wooden beam with a long saw with large teeth, and a plastic pipe, replacing it with a shorter saw and with small teeth.

Semi-automatic nozzle for feeding and tightening screws

It consists of two main components: a tape holder with screws and a feed mechanism. It will take another long bit. There are also two adjustments: for the size of the screws and the depth of their twisting.

We fix a long bit in the drill chuck. On the "clamping neck" of the drill we put on the ring from the nozzle kit.

We install a nozzle on this ring with our seat and tighten the split ring with a coupling bolt and a wing nut.

We fill the tape with screws into the holder and the working area of ​​the feed and twist mechanism.

We check the operation of the screw feed mechanism by pressing on its moving part. After each press, the tape should jump exactly one step.

We check the tool in operation, pressing the working part of the nozzle mechanism to the wooden block. After each pressing of the start button of the drill, a screw is left in the timber until the cap is screwed. Moreover, the location of the beam can be both horizontal and vertical.

Chain saw

It consists of a housing, a cutting chain, a sprocket, a guide rail, a tank for lubricating the chain, a protective cover, a handle and fasteners.

Remove the protective cover and the abrasive disc from the grinder.

We fix the nozzle case for the gear case with a semicircular cover and two bolts with round heads for an Allen key.

We put the chain tensioner in the groove in the case, and instead of the abrasive disk, the drive chain sprocket.

We lay the guide rail on the nozzle body and put the chain on it, capturing the drive sprocket, which is fixed on the spindle with a clamping nut.

We fasten the tire to the nozzle body with two bolts, passing them from below through the holes in the body and tire. On top of the bolt rods, install a plastic casing and a leg of a protective metal shield and tighten with nuts with an extended base.

From the end of the case with a flat screwdriver, rotate the head of the chain tension screw, achieving optimal tension.

Finally we tighten the nuts of the guide rail to the casing with keys.

We install the handle of the nozzle with the help of two screws, placing a wire holder under the head of the top to fix the container with oil in it for lubricating the cutting chain. Insert the tube from the oil tank into the hole in the housing.

Check the operation of the grinder with the nozzle idle. Then we use it in practice, cutting off knots and even medium-sized tree trunks, in any position - vertical, horizontal, inclined.

Where to get

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