Gift sea box for an album

Everyone is now very fond of and liked the handmade albums that are made to newborn babies in their first year of life. Firstly, yes, of course, that these albums are very beautiful, soft, since the cover comes from fabric with a layer of synthetic winterizer, and secondly, in this album you can independently make all the sheets, exactly the ones you want to fill with photos and inscriptions. You can make pages like a baby growing by months, what he learned to do and so on. Yes, this album is just awesome. Each mother can make it for her baby or aunt, or godmother, or buy from a needlewoman. But there is also a huge “but”, a beautiful thing needs a very beautiful packaging, namely for an album it is better if it is a box in which it will be stored from dust and preserved in integrity. Since the albums are different, you can not find such a box in its finished form. But you can already make a box with your own hands, and it will make it into the color and style of the album. Now we’ll just consider the master class, in which we will make a voluminous sea box for the album.

To make the box we need:

  • According to sheet A1 and A2 of watercolor paper;

  • Box layout;

  • Two sheets of marine scrapbook paper measuring 30 * 30 cm;

  • Two blue napkins with an asterisk felling;

  • The picture with the sea bunny Mi;

  • Beige rep ribbon with blue anchors;

  • Tag card with the inscription "Our beloved son";

  • Cotton blue lace; 4 cm wide;

  • Curb hole punch;

  • Double-sided tape and adhesive with the effect of double-sided tape;

  • Lighter;

  • Glue stick, scissors, ruler, simple pencil.

The scheme we have is the main part of the box and its cover. For the base of the box we need a piece of watercolor paper measuring 56 * 60 cm, and for the lid 36.3 * 40.3 cm. Everything that is shaded on the diagram will be cut off.

So, on both sheets we take the appropriate measurements, cut off the excess and slightly cut off the corners along which we will collect the box and its cover. Draw a line of bends.

From the scrapbook paper, cut out two rectangles of 17.5 * 21.5 cm and 18 * 22 cm.

The smaller rectangle is glued to the bottom of the box with a glue stick. Glue two napkins, a sea hare and a card onto a larger rectangle.

Also cut and glue the rep ribbon. We collect the box and glue it on the tails.

The remaining scrapbook paper is cut into rectangles so that you can partially stick them inside the box and outside. We pass all the scraps with a curb punch.

Sew a card and a picture. Glue the rectangle on the lid and sew it.

Now we glue the lid.

We cover the box and glue lace on the edge of the lid on double-sided tape.

The box is ready. We put the album and the box “Mother's Treasures” into it and you're done. A solid gift in a solid package. Thank you for your attention and good luck!