Do-it-yourself house building from gas blocks

Gas blocks first appeared at the beginning of the last century, but gained popularity only at the beginning of the 21st century. This is an environmentally friendly material, excellent for building low-rise residential buildings.

Why are the gas blocks so named? The fact is that they are filled with a large number of air bubbles. These blocks have excellent sound insulation and thermal insulation. These are their main positive qualities, but that’s not all. Another important advantage of gas blocks is their low weight, and this, in turn, allows you to save on the construction of the foundation. And thanks to the uniform structure of the blocks, they can be sawn off as you need and they will not lose their qualities.

Advantages and disadvantages:


Ecological properties.

Aerated concrete blocks - are environmentally friendly and healthy material. The components used in their production are Concrete, aluminum powder, lime, water and some other additives. Aluminum reacts with lime and a large amount of hydrogen is formed, which fills the pores, and this is the main secret of all the advantages of aerated concrete. Therefore, even in the hottest summers, you will not have any harmful substances in your house.


There are several types of aerated concrete, with a density of 300 kg / m3 to 1200 kg / m3, the heavier the blocks, the more durable they are, but they keep heat worse. Accordingly, the lighter, the warmer and quieter will be in your home. If you are building a house with two or more floors, then you need a more durable type of aerated concrete, but for a one-story house, lightweight aerated concrete with a density of 300kg / m3 is ideal.

Heat and sound insulation

Due to the porosity, aerated concrete blocks perfectly retains heat in the house and isolates you from unnecessary sounds, as well as pores that allow the house to “breathe”, so it will be as comfortable in such a house as in a wooden house.

Architectural benefits

Aerated concrete blocks do not crumble during cutting, so you can build any architectural solutions from them and build as you would like.

Fire safety

With other characteristics comparable to wood, gas blocks have a huge advantage over it, it is fire safety. Moreover, at high temperatures, aerated concrete blocks become only stronger.


Instability to moisture.

The only significant disadvantage of this material is its instability to moisture. Therefore, some efforts will be required to prevent wetting of the gas blocks.