The simplest refinement of the spark plug, which will improve engine performance

A common problem with gas engines, especially those converted to gas, is faulty ignition. As a result, not all cylinders work. The car loses power, dynamics, and the engine itself starts to troit. There are at least five main reasons for poor ignition, but candles always come first. Consider a safe way for the engine to make their spark stronger, while reducing the casting of the electrodes with oil.


  • metal drill 0.8 mm;

  • drill or lathe.

Refinement of spark plugs

Using a drill with a diameter of 0.8 mm, you need to drill the side electrode of the candle. A hole is made in the center opposite the central electrode. Drilling perfectly perfectly with a hand-held power tool is not at all easy, therefore, if it is possible to do this on a lathe, then it is better to work on it.

This method will work only if the hole is made exactly above the central electrode. If it is skewed, then the performance of the candle will not change.

Refinement of candles, even if it turns out to be inconclusive, can in no way worsen their work and will not harm the motor. With the correct location of the holes, the spark between the electrodes will be more pronounced. This will improve the ignition of the combustible mixture. This method is especially effective for gas-powered vehicles, because it, unlike gasoline, is reluctant to light up with a low spark.

Be sure to try not to put pressure on the drill when drilling candles. Firstly, it is very thin, so it can break. Secondly, it is possible to bend the side electrode by changing the gap, which will worsen the operation of the motor. Ideally, measure the clearance with a dipstick before drilling, and then check if it remains the same and trim if necessary.

This method of candle modernization really works and is explained by the theory of electrostatics. The spark is amplified due to the appearance of sharp edges on the electrode, which improves the formation of an electric arc.

Candles with holes have been used for a long time. At one time, they were actively put on old motorcycles Sunrise and IL. In addition to improving the power of the spark, they will help to combat the throwing of electrodes with oil, since when used, the mixture burns out better. Candles will need to be removed and cleaned less often, which also speaks in favor of drilling.