Crumb from felt

Making your baby a toy that will be loved is not so difficult. Many children adore the characters of the cartoon "Smeshariki", from felt you can make any of them. We stock up with two sheets of felt, white and blue. Prepare a thread in tone, a needle, a pen (circle parts), a pair of beads for making eyes, a glue gun. It is important that the scissors are sharp.

Many do not know where to get patterns - they are easy to make on their own. Just choose a suitable picture, attach a blank sheet to the monitor and translate.

Transferring a pattern to a material is also easy. I cut out every detail, put it on felt, circle and cut.

To begin with, I gathered all the parts together to look at the future toy.

I decided to make it stuffed, so most of the details were cut in two.

There was no stuffing at that moment, I used felt trimmings instead, they remain after any work, whether it is a brooch, a hairpin or an applique.

It turned out not very voluminous, but the child liked it. Started to sew with paws. Combined, put a little filler, sewn up.

To go to the body, you must first draw up the muzzle of the toy. I decided to embroider a smile, outlined it with a disappearing marker. Sewing on felt is quite convenient, although a good eye is required.

Arranged the remaining parts to see the big picture, then removed them.

She embroidered a smile, sewn a nose with red threads.

Constantly tested herself, applying the remaining details.

I sewed my eyes, in the departments for needlework they are sold ready-made, they are inexpensive, and the toy looks different with them.

Fastened with hot glue, but many just sew on beads or buttons.

After the design of the muzzle, you can deal with the body, stuffed it more than the legs and ears.

The assembly of toy parts from felt was also done with a glue gun.

It was not very easy to complete all the seams the same, but I think that is the point in practice. Other "Smeshariki" from felt are sewn similarly. The little boy really liked the toy, takes the rabbit with him to bed.