Box with a surprise orchid

A box with a surprise is an original little gift that will surprise and delight with its unusualness. The gift idea is that in addition to the elegant appearance, the box has contents in the form of a lovely voluminous orchid flower.

For work, we will prepare the following materials and tools:

Colored paper, a cardboard sheet, lace paper napkins, scrapbooking elements. If you did not find ribbons, strips and other details from the scrapbook set, then we use printed pictures, sequins, paper-based foil. You will also need glue stick and a little glue "Titan".

The box itself consists of two parts. For the manufacture of the lower part, we divide the sheet of decorative cardboard into nine equal squares. From the obtained ragged field, we cut out the corner squares, leaving a cruciform shape.

In places of bends around the central square along the lines, using a ruler, draw a pointed object, for example, the end of scissors. Thus, we get neat, even folds.

We decorate the inside of the folding sides of the box with pictures for scrapbooking, photographs or appliqu├ęs. We use glue stick.

We cover the outside of the box with fragments of lace napkins, ornaments, sparkles, and other decor.

The box lid is made of the remaining four squares. We bend each square, wrapping 1/3 of a piece of cardboard. Then we glue the connected parts in the center, after checking that the lid tightly closes the box.

Next, glue it on the side seams with decorative foil, glue the decor: pictures, a butterfly of rhinestones (we use glue "Titan" for it), curly sequins.

We will make orchid flowers from thick colored glossy paper. To do this, download the template or draw on your own the complex flower of this regal liana, transfer the contours to colored paper and cut it out.

Using a felt-tip pen, we apply small frequent points along the petals of the center of the flower imitating the color of a real flower. We twist each petal with a pen or pencil to give volume.

The leaves of the orchid are simple belt-shaped, they can be cut without a pattern. Draw the central fold with a green felt-tip pen.

To get a flexible flexible flower stalk of an orchid that will tremble with bright flowers and look alive, cut it from a fragment of a green plastic bottle, make cuts for branch branches.

We bend the tip at a right angle, glue the flowers collected from the petals onto the branches.

We use double-sided tape. We attach to the center of the bottom of the peduncle with flowers, then on top of it orchid leaves, covering them with the junction.

Raise the sides of the box up and close it with a lid.

When closed, an elegant gift box is obtained. It is necessary to lift the lid, as its walls part to the sides, opening a trembling, like a living orchid.

Here is such an elegant box with a surprise blooming orchid.