Necklace "Solar mood"

In this master class, you will learn how to make a bright and sophisticated necklace. No special manufacturing skills are required.

Material for work:

- metallized fishing line diameter 0.35 mm;

- thin-nose pliers and nippers;

- pins;

- chain;

- crimps (clamp);

- natural citrine;

- metal balls with gold plating.

We spread citrine, metal balls and pins on the working surface. We insert a pin into each hole.

Then cut the pins with wire cutters to the desired size. Leave about 15 mm for further work. Very short and very long tails are hard to twist.

And we begin to twist the pins with fine pliers.

Wrapped the right amount of elements.

We take the chain and cut it with wire cutters in the middle, then cut a small piece of metallized fishing line, about 20 cm.

For the convenience of assembling a necklace, you need to fix one side of the chain with fishing line. We pass the line with two crimps into the last link of the chain.

Thread the tail of the fishing line back into the crimps.

And clamp with pliers.

Then we put a metal ball on the fishing line and hide the remaining tail.

We begin to collect the necklace. We string two citrines on the fishing line, then one metal ball.

Putting it to the end.

Once everyone has assembled, we put on a metal ball and two crimps to secure the second side of the necklace.

We put the fishing line in the last link of the chain.

We stretch the tail of the fishing line back to the crimps and a metal ball.

We hold the chain with one hand and the other by the tail of the fishing line and tighten, but not tight, otherwise the necklace will be very stiff.

Clamp the crimps with pliers.

And cut the remaining piece of fishing line.

The necklace is ready.