Autonomous heater for the garage

Such Chinese devices are recommended for heating salons, bodies and car engines to facilitate their launch and create comfortable conditions for drivers in winter. The power of our unit is 5 kW, the supply voltage is 12 V. We will tell you how to use it to make an effective garage heating.

What is needed

  • Autonomous heater " Webasto ", purchased on Ali Express - //

  • A step-down DC source 220 V - 12 V 8.5 A, also took on Ali Express - // You can take more powerful, it will not be worse.

Basically, all hoses, fittings, filters and a canister are included in the heater kit, so you don’t have to look for something else.

How to install a heater

After installing the equipment, we will check the efficiency of its work, for this it is necessary to remember the initial temperature values ​​in the garage near the wall and doors.

Fix the power supply to the wall. It is recommended to use a source of 12 V and 8.5 A, this is enough for stable operation of the heater.

Bring the cables to the device and the outlet, after connecting, put them in a plastic box.

Under the heat gun, set the fuel tank, in our case, a 10 liter plastic canister from the kit is used.

Attach the fuel supply hose to the bottom of the canister; use clamps to seal the connections.

Fix the hose to the wall, connect the fuel fine filter and pump. These elements should be located under the heater.

Use a corrugated metal pipe to vent exhaust fumes into the street. The pipe is inserted into a pre-prepared hole with a diameter of 30 mm.

Connect the air filter of the combustion chamber, it can be put on the tank for fuel.

Put two flexible hoses on the outlet pipes for warm air and use them to direct the flows to the desired area of ​​the garage.

Attach the heat gun to the wall at a distance of about 100 cm from the floor.

To do this, use studs and nuts with metal expansion bolt shields and a special platform. A mounting pad is included with the device, weld it to the studs. Make sure that all surfaces are strictly horizontal.

Pre-bleed the fuel system before filling the fine filter.

Now the device is ready to start. Press “Start” on the reduction unit and wait for the heater to light up. Adjust the number of pulses of fuel supply to the chamber, the thermal power of the device depends on this.

About 30 minutes after the start of heating, the room temperature will rise by at least 5–8 degrees Celsius.


We talked about the easiest and fastest way to install a heater. If you want and have the time, you can improve it: think over the selection of heat from the exhaust gases, change the location of the exhaust air hoses, etc. Make a decision during operation, over time it is easier to determine the importance of each zone in the garage and the temperature requirements for it.