A simple device for collecting fruit from a height of PVC pipe

Owners of suburban areas know how many difficulties arise during harvesting from tall trees. Using a stepladder is dangerous and not always possible, the earth is soft and falls through. It is not practical to apply the old method and shake the tree; when it falls, the fruits are damaged and not stored for a long time. There is a great way out - to make an elementary, but very effective device.

What is needed

The device is made of a piece of plastic pipe with a diameter of 100-150 mm, a length of about 40 cm. You can use a grinder or hacksaw to cut a hole. At the ends of the pipe, it is necessary to fix the wire; approximately 1 m in diameter of 1-2 mm is required; for bending and nibbling, it is necessary to have pliers. The holes for the wire are drilled with a drill or made with a hot nail of the appropriate diameter. The second option is preferable, it is difficult to drill a smooth round plastic pipe. The device is attached to a long stick.

Manufacturing technology

From one end of the pipe, cut a hole in the form of an equilateral triangle. Height is about 15 cm, base length is 10 cm. Make a cut at the top: the fruits are captured by the hole, and the stalk enters the slot. It is advisable to grind sharp edges under the chamfer - the probability of damage to the crop is minimized.

One of the above methods, make holes for attaching two pieces of wire at the top of the triangle. One should be done on each side of the triangle and two on the opposite wall of the pipe. Insert the wire into them and use the pliers to bend the ends. The wire should be rigid, use steel. The load on it when tearing the fruit from the tree is quite large, if you use a soft wire, then it bends. As a result, the thin vertices of the triangle bend, the plastic pipe is strongly deformed and quickly breaks. A sturdy wire keeps the pipe section in its initial position.

From the opposite end, make holes at a distance of about 2-3 cm, pull a wire into them, make a net. Here, on the contrary, it is recommended to use soft, preferably stranded electrical wires. They have a polymer coating and less injure the fruit.

Screw a long stick to one of the sides, make at least two fixation points to eliminate the risks of turning.

How to work with the device

Fruits should be captured through the hole in the tube, the stalk automatically appears in the upper part and gets between two wires. Next, you need to pull the device down and tear the stalk from the branch. Harvested crop neatly poured into prepared containers.


The network offers several options for devices for collecting fruits, but the one described by us has one important advantage: it works both in vertical and horizontal position. This makes gardening a lot easier.