Plastic flower decoration

Hello dear readers. In this article, we will tell you about how to make a beautiful flower decoration with your own hands without artificial flowers and foamiran. It can be placed in any of the rooms, from it you can make a good wreath. In order to make this jewelry, you will need:

- 5 - 6 unnecessary plastic sheets or folders of different colors;

- Scissors, adhesive tape;

- Stapler;

- Beads of medium size white, blue, pink and brown;

- the needle;

- Threads of green color.

From a translucent sheet of an unnecessary folder, we cut two strips (full length) 1.5 cm thick:

These strips need to be cut into three parts, leaving the upper edges not cut:

The resulting strips need to be braided with “pigtails” and secured with clothespins, then connected (glued) the lower end of one “pigtail” to the other with a stapler or adhesive tape:

First, we decided to make a wreath, so the resulting figure was seamed at the ends:

After that, from a green translucent leaf, we cut up to 25 pieces of leaves of different sizes:

We need to sew these leaves to the plastic "stalk - pigtail" with green threads (most suitable for the color of the stalk):

Sewing leaves to the craft, we decided to increase their number from 21 to 31 pieces:

Next, to make an artificial flower, we cut out five such petal shapes from a translucent blue plastic sheet:

We need to cut each of the figures in the middle, but not to the end:

We further fold the cut ends of the petals onto each other and glue with tape:

Having glued all six petals in this way, we sew them together and connect to the middle of the bead:

After that, our first do-it-yourself plastic flower is ready. Next, we make the rest of the flowers in this way: first, cut out a couple of samples of different sizes from cardboard, the shape of which will need to later cut ten petals from plastic:

In the same way we cut and glue these petals:

Next, we make artificial flowers from the resulting petals. Here we first glue large pieces, and then small ones, and then connect them, overlapping one on the other:

Next, we need to sew the shapes, attaching to the middle of each of them with a bead.

Having made five flowers in this way, we sew them to the base of the craft:

Next, from another plastic sheet, we cut from 5 to 8 thin strips up to 15 cm long to create new flower shapes. The ends of these strips we turn to the middle and glue:

Making flowers from the resulting shapes, we sew them in the middle and sew each one with a bead:

We sew the resulting flowers to the main craft:

After that, we set about making three curly “ribbons” of plastic for a wreath (if desired): taking three blue plastic strips, bend and “curl” them, giving them a voluminous shape:

We need to make three such curled strips, after which, connecting them at the ends, attach with a stapler to the back of the base of the wreath, where its ends are fastened:

After that, everything - our wreath is ready.

It can be made a good decoration for the house, if the seams connecting both its ends together are removed and three new curled plastic “ribbons” are added to the other end:

After that, our decoration will be ready and it will be able to decorate a mirror, a window in a room, or a shower stall.