Marriage certificate folder

The long-awaited and very responsible event in the life of each couple is, of course, their wedding. Basically, preparation for the wedding lasts several months, so there is time to think through everything to the smallest detail so as not to miss anything. The wedding should be remembered not only by the newlyweds, but also by all the guests invited to it. The newlyweds themselves choose the color scheme, which is why they make sure that all accessories and decorations fully match their color and are tastefully decorated. The most important wedding document that confirms the legal registration of a marriage is a certificate of marriage. This first wedding and joint document is presented to the newlyweds in the registry office solemnly after the signatures and the words "We declare you husband and wife." They should hand it beautifully, so it is immediately desirable for him to have a daddy in which it will be beautifully stored. This folder can be made with your own hands, which is exactly what we will consider.

For sewing folders we take:

• 20 by 30 cm two binding cardboards;

• Sheet sintepon;

• Three sheets of lilac paper 30 by 30 cm of archival quality;

• The fabric is plain lilac and lilac floral (we take good quality so that the fabric does not cough, it is better to take satin or Korean cotton);

• Chipboard "Certificate of Marriage";

• Four large metal corners;

• Hole puncher;

• Lilac lace;

• White curly ribbon with fabric roses;

• Hydrangea flowers lilac and white large and small 25 mm and 50 mm in diameter;

• Brads with lilac pebbles;

• Pendant a pair of hearts;

• Fabric flower of white color;

• Paper roses large and small white and lilac;

• glue;

• Pencil, glue stick, double-sided tape, ruler, scissors:

• A small strip of cardboard or watercolor paper.

First, we need for our daddy to make one large solid blank, the basis of which we take two sheets of binding cardboard. Cut a strip of cardboard 6.5 to 30 cm.

We divide the strip into three parts across the width of 3 by 0.5 by 3 cm, draw two bending lines and now using this strip we connect two sheets together. Spread both sides with glue stick and glue.

We draw several bending lines with scissors and you're done.

Now we are working with the fabric. We cut a large section of one-color, it will be in the center, and flower cuts at the edges. Be sure to make reserves for the upheaval. It will be necessary to sew lace between the fabrics, so we cut it off in a strip. We glue the entire workpiece from the outside with double-sided tape.

Iron the fabrics, sew and sew the lace, we get one continuous cut. We glue the synthetic winterizer on the basis.

Now with a cloth we wrap the workpiece and glue it from the inside with a glue stick.

We completely flash the folder, close it. We cut off two rectangles, try them on the front part and sew them.

Now in the middle of the flowers we thread brads with pebbles and fix them, thus, on the cover. From two identical scrap sheets, we cut off two 20.5 by 29 cm rectangles. With these sheets we will draw up a folder inside. Cut another rectangle for pocket 11 by 20.5 cm. We make it lace on top and sew a rectangle along the edge to one scrap.

Glue both rectangles inside on a good glue and press daddy to dry the glue. Now we glue the chipboard with glue stick and put silver corners on the corners of daddy.

We glue the remaining flowers, you can glue the cut down flags and glasses inside. The folder is completely ready. Grateful for your attention and good luck to everyone!