The most affordable fertilizer for indoor flowers from household waste

Fans of indoor gardening know that the introduction of additional nutrition under flower crops is the best way to achieve long and lush flowering. To date, there are no problems with the choice of effective mineral and organomineral dressings for flowering plants.

Types of fertilizers for indoor flowers

Both universal compositions and products developed taking into account the peculiarities of the mineral nutrition of plants belonging to different species and families (“Florovit”, “Aquarin flower”, “Ideal”, “Agree's indoor flowers”, “Gumi-Omi violet”, are on sale geranium ”, “ Agrekol ”, “ Health for indoor flowers ”, etc.). They are very easy to use for root and non-root top dressing. It is enough to carefully read the instructions and dilute the drug, strictly adhering to the dosage.

However, many flower growers who do not trust the producers of synthetic fertilizers continue to prepare nutritional compositions for home flowers on their own, using plant materials, food waste and affordable products. There are many recipes for dressing indoor flowers. The most popular of them include infusions of banana peels and egg shells.

Banana peelings contain potassium and phosphorus salts readily available for the plant root system, as well as valuable trace elements and nitrogen substances that stimulate flowering processes. And water extracts from bird shells are saturated with hydrogen sulfide and calcium, which are responsible for the immunity of seedlings and their ability to withstand various adverse factors.

The recipe for universal fertilizer for flower crops

Dry in the air or in the oven the peel of three large bananas, grind the raw materials into powder using a coffee grinder, and pour in a liter jar. Dry egg shells from two chicken or five quail eggs also grind in a coffee grinder and add to the container. Pour the raw materials with water, cover with gauze and put in a dark place for a day. Use filtered liquid for routine watering of home plants.

The introduction of infusion of shell powder and banana peel improves the structure of the soil, enriches the soil with nutrients, improves plant health. Such root top dressing is carried out from March to October once a month. And since it is recommended to fertilize plants during active flowering every 2 weeks, additional nutrient formulations, for example, ash infusion (a tablespoon of ash per liter of water, infuse 1-3 days) are additionally applied under them.

The following plants are most responsive to the infusion of shells and peels from bananas: pelargonium, violet, miniature rose, spathiphyllum, indoor jasmine, Sudanese rose, amaryllis, petunia, gardenia, clivia, Decembrist, balsamine, chlorophytum.

We wish your flowers to please the inhabitants of the house with their beauty at any time of the year!