How to make a baby massager for the back

The task of parents and carers is not only to develop the child, but also to strengthen his health. The use of various simulators can strengthen tone, improve blood circulation. Why buy expensive equipment in the store, because making a baby massager for your back with your own hands is as easy as shelling pears.

This will require:

- caps from under plastic bottles - 12-14 pcs .;

- handles from under 5 liter plastic bottles - 2 pcs .;

- shoe lace or strong rope - 1 pc;

- awl;

- color tape for decoration or thin tape.

At the initial stage, we prepare the lids. It is advisable to choose them by color, then the finished product will be neat and beautiful. We pierce the covers with an awl in two places (as on buttons).

We fix the cord on one of the handles. It should be clearly in the middle. We string the first cap on the cord (through the front side). We string the second cover already through the inside. After it, we make a knot on the cord. Next, repeat the procedure, and so on, until all prepared covers are finished.

We fix the rest of the lace on the second handle, we try to hide the ends beautifully. If the caps are not fixed, they will hang out when using the "massager" in action. You can glue them together, but the edges of the lids are very thin, and with active children’s games the glued places can not stand it.

It is most reliable to use electrical installation tape. Now it is sold in different shades, which means that picking it up for each color of the lid will not be difficult. We wind the electrical tape in the joints at a small layer, the main thing is that the covers tightly hold together. The massager for the back is ready, while waste materials were used for its manufacture, which saved a considerable amount.