Pendant "Black Hematite"

Sometimes there is a need for new jewelry, and the best solution would be to do something new with your own hands! You can diversify your look and complement the clothes in blue and black colors. This pendant is especially suitable for a dress.

To make such a pendant, you need hematite 3 cm long and with a hole inside the stone, also beads with a diameter of 4 mm, a thick wire with a diameter of 1 mm and a length of 12 cm, then a thinner wire with a diameter of 0.7 mm and a length of 8 cm and a thin wire with a diameter of 0.1 mm 50 cm long.

1. First we use a thick wire to create the base of our pendant: for this, we put our black hematite stone on the wire, leave the end of the wire 3 cm long and bend the wire to the left around the stone. Then we move from point 1 to point 2: for this we make a loop around the remaining free end of the wire and bend the wire to the right of the stone. You can bend it with your hands, as the wire is copper and quite soft. At the end with round-nose pliers we wrap a beautiful bend, like a treble clef.

2. After that, we wrap the remaining end of the wire with pliers so that a loop is formed for hanging our pendant.

3. Beautifully bend the wire around the loop and cut off the unnecessary

4. Now it’s the turn of the wire to be thinner: we bend the loop at the base with pliers and string the beads on it. With the thinnest wire we fasten the wire thinner to the base of the pendant in 2-3 turns and for beauty under the beads of 5 turns.

5. Then we go through to the end. The result is visible in the photo. At the end, we make a small loop at the end of the thinner wire, the same as at the beginning.

6. We wind the thinnest wire on a curl in the form of the end of a treble clef