Raspberry Silk Pillow

Once upon a time, I wanted to create luxurious raspberry or burgundy satin pillows-pillows with ruffles from ribbons. Moreover, the interior of the bedroom somehow picked up the desired colors of burgundy, gold, orange shades, which were in harmony with the style of burgundy and raspberry pillows.

So, to create a pillow measuring 30 * 30 cm, a piece of artificial silk 42 * 42 cm in size and a piece of smaller fabric 32 * 32 cm in size were needed.

1. Mark the fabric: on larger fabric 42 * 42 cm, indent the seam allowances of 1 cm and 10 cm to the edge of the product, totaling 11 cm from each edge. But you can do it easier: mark the center by folding the fabric in half - vertically and horizontally on the back - the wrong side of the fabric. Since after that it will be necessary to mark 15 cells 2 cm each, that is 30 * 30 cm - then from the intended center we postpone 15 cm up, down, left and right

2. Now we mark out 2 cm along the line, which are outlined in the middle of the fabric and draw tailor's chalk cells through the center. It is very convenient to work with the ruler, since it is exactly exactly 30cm. If the pillow is planned to be larger, you need to get a special tailor's iron ruler at 1.5 m.

3. According to the scheme, we draw crosses in cells

4. Now we will make puffs: for this, we will diagonally sew our cells according to the scheme, capturing the edges of the fabric. The arrows indicate the direction of the needle.

5. We tighten the thread and make 2-3 stitches for fastening and we get such a flower of 4 petals from the wrong side of the fabric

and on the front side of the fabric is a square

6. This is how the element of 4 flowers looks on the front side - a little messy.

To achieve a better look of the buff, from the inside, you need to connect the flower petals horizontally:

and vertically:

and flower tops among themselves:

Here is the result:

You can see the differences between the two elements on the front side: below is the processed element:

7. This is how the front side should turn out when fully processed:

At the edges, we need to fold, pick up and stitch the ends of our buffs, and then seam the seamy sides together, 1 cm down, at the seams, leaving 5 cm not stitched for stuffing. Then unscrew the pillow and fill with holofiber, stitch the remaining 5 cm. Thought pillow turned out what you need: the cat is located on it very comfortable!